Smart Tech Cooks UP a Smart Kitchen

Do your home remodeling or upgrade plans include your kitchen? Consider the advantages of extending your home’s technology into the most lived-in space in your home, making it safer, more convenient, energy-efficient and fun!


Make it yours

Your kitchen is one of the most personal and essential rooms in your entire home. Taking the time to personalize it with functionality that suits your lifestyle is time well spent.

We asked our friends and favorite Home Technology Company, Logic Integration,  to shed some information on home technology trends.

Entertainment features like built-in audio or video screens, smart appliances and voice-controlled smart home automation like Control4 and Alexa, give you the chance to customize your kitchen to suit your needs for not only everyday living but for special entertaining, too.

Smart Kitchen

Your sous-chef just got smarter

There are countless options currently available for smart appliances such as refrigerators, ovens and “hubs” like Google HomeAmazon’s Echo and Alexa. You may initially discount their features as frivolous but take a closer look and consider the added convenience and safety they offer.

Having an app connected to your oven means you don’t have to miss the football game or leave your guests to adjust the cooking temp.  And that smart refrigerator can text you a picture of your refrigerator’s contents, saving you from a second trip to the store. Kick it up a notch (yes, a cooking legend pun) by connecting these smart appliances with a hub, and you’ve got an extra set of hands in the kitchen – even when you’re not at home!

App is for Smart Appliances too!

With hectic schedules and guests dropping by, it’s easy to forget to turn off the stove or switch off the lights. By incorporating the right smart technologies, however, you can maximize safety AND convenience in your kitchen. Your stove and oven can now warn you that they’ve been left on – instead of hearing the news from your smoke detector (or worse). You can also increase your energy efficiencies with smart appliances, which helps not only the planet but your wallet as well!

If a smart kitchen sounds like the right solution for you and your family, let us help! We’re here to guide you through the best smart technologies for your lifestyle and your home.

Smart Kitchen

Wellness Trends and Technology  in Kitchens Trending for 2019

The interior design world has some cool trends for kitchens in 2019 that we felt we should also share.

Today many people are following healthier lifestyles and are concerned about the source, preparation, and sustainability of the food they eat. Designers are beginning to explore the same standards of wellness through kitchen design.

The idea of ‘The Wellness Kitchen’ is changing kitchen design to include:

  • Recycled, green and healthy materials.
  • Floorplans and furnishings inspire social interactions and nourish family connections.
  • Transparency in the latest refrigeration and storage makes chilled food and other foods more visible and more accessible to access; acting as a visual reminder to include healthy ingredients in meals.

Read the rest of our blog on Wellness Kitchen Trends for 2019

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