The Wellness Kitchen: Hottest Home Design Trends in Kitchens for 2019

2018 had no lack of cool trends and the Hottest Home Design Trends in kitchens for 2019 will not disappoint either.


It is no surprise to me that home and color design trends are driven by what is happening in the world. Today many people are following healthier lifestyles and are concerned about the source, preparation, and sustainability of the food they eat. Designers are beginning to explore the same standards of wellness through kitchen design.

Wellness Kitchen
The “Future Kitchen” designed by the students of the Industrial Design department at Pratt Institute under the creative direction of Visiting Assistant Professor of Industrial Design at Pratt and New York-based architect and designer, Marc Thorpe. Photo credit: Wanted Design.

The idea of ‘The Wellness Kitchen’ is changing kitchen design to include:

  • Recycled, green and healthy materials.
  • Floorplans and furnishings that inspire social interactions and nourish family connections.
  • Transparency in the latest refrigeration and storage that makes chilled food and other foods more visible and more accessible to access; acting as a visual reminder to include healthy ingredients in meals.

Wellness Kitchen

  • Living walls are a  guaranteed way to enhance a home ’s visuals,  provide living herbs and improve air quality as well as resident alertness and energy levels.  Because of this trend, the color Sage green is set to be significant in Home Design Trends in kitchens for 2019.


Wellness Kitchen
Living wall designed by Designer Premier designer, Heidi.

The first step towards establishing ‘The Wellness Kitchen’ is to focus on simplicity. An uncluttered and tranquil environment has a therapeutic effect as it has a soothing for the eyes and brain. This trend leans towards a minimalist style, but it still feels warm, relaxed, light and airy.

Wellness Kitchen
Home design and the Living wall designed by Designer Premier designer, Heidi.

These trends in the wellness kitchen are also some of the trends you will see in home design in 2019

  • Warmer, mid-tone woods that create organic and inviting spaces.
  • Powdery, velvety, matte finishes that are visually soft.

Wellness Kitchen

  • Soft pastels and neutrals such as Stonewashed Blues, muted Sage Green and Rose-Beige, Oatmeal, early morning Mist Greys and, hues of Apricot and Peach shades which will be important colors in Home Design Trends in kitchens for 2019.

Wellness Kitchen

TAn indoor Fresh Herb Garden is also a vital element of a Wellness Kitchen.  More people are electing to eat at home to control the health value of the food they are eating. The ease of having fresh herbs conveniently accessible is not only a Home Design Trends in kitchens for 2019 but also a kitchen cooking trend!

Wellness Kitchen

It is handy to have your herbs close to a water source and be sure they also have a  window nearby to provide a decent amount of sunlight.

If your green thumb is black, you may want to consider a system similar to an AeroGarden system, which allows hydroponic culture for up to 6 plants simultaneously. Keep your herbs, cherry tomatoes, hot peppers, etc. fresh and easily accessible all year round!

Wellness Kitchen

Do you have a green thumb and plan on renovating your kitchen? You may want to consider integrating fresh herbs into your counter space or a living wall, as well as some of the other Home Design Trends in Kitchens for 2019. One of our brilliant kitchen designers can help you with this!

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