Color is the most crucial and powerful of the elements of design. A professional Color Consultation is the least expensive and easiest way to transform your home.

Color can cause feelings of boredom and calmness, or stimulation and liveliness. Certain colors may cause the nervous system to become agitated and the body to react in negative ways. Understanding how color affects an environment is important knowledge to have, especially when designing a space for someone with special needs, like an ADD child or adult.

Using color to create a home that welcomes and embraces its owners is our specialty. We understand color and how it affects you emotionally and physically.  Transitioning colors from room to room is hard for most people but is super easy for us.

Professional Color Consultation 

Color Consultation

Interested in a custom color palette for your home?


This is what you need to know:


Be sure you hire a trained professional.

Color consultants don’t always have formal training, though some have completed a color certification program. However, understanding color alone is not enough when designing your home as it is also important to also understand space. Color affects the eye’s observation of weight and size. In fashion design, dark colors tend to slim the figure, whereas light colors are usually thought to make one look heavier. This is the opposite in home design as dark and bright colors seem heavier than light and cool colors.

All of our interior designers are color specialists and have official training and are constantly educating themselves. They have a finger on the pulse of hip colors and future trends but more importantly, they can help you discover the colors that are best for you.

What to expect at the initial consultation.

Our color specialists will want to visit your home for a walk-through. They will make notes on specifics such as furniture colors, architecture, and other elements that influence color options. They will talk with you about the colors that make you feel good and about your goals and desires. Because natural sunlight will have a significant impact on the way your colors read, consider scheduling the consultation for a time of day when the light is at its best.

Color ConsultationAfter the meeting, your color specialist will put together a proposed palette, with ideas about the placement of colors, finishes, and accent colors. They may also suggest specific paint colors and options for other surfaces like doors, trim, and baseboards. Depending on the comfort level of the client sometimes large swatches will need to be created so you can live with it for a few days and see whether you truly like the proposed color (maybe an additional cost associated).

Once the color palette is finalized it is time to prepare a paint specification sheet. Homeowners can do the painting themselves, or hire a painter. Either way, the specification sheet is helpful to get painting bids or, if you plan to do it yourself, ensure that the specified color is purchased.

What does it cost?

We have a minimum charge of $525 for a paint consultation which includes up to 2 hours of the designer’s time. Unless it is a complex color scheme or a large home, a beautiful palette should be able to be created in this time frame. You will receive a paint specification sheet which you can easily give to your painter or buy your paint yourself right away.  If your needs require additional time or assistance we offer an hourly rate which will be discussed with you.

When you take into consideration that a gallon of quality paint costs $32.00 – $60.00 a gallon and that it takes approximately 8 hours to paint a room, you soon realize that the cost of a color consultant is LESS than the investment in the wrong color paint!

Call 303.916.9515 or CLICK HERE to email us today to find out more and to have a personalized color palette created for your home.

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