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Bathroom Design Denver, Colorado

Your bathroom is where you start and end your day. It is where you get ready for what ever the day has in store for you, whether it is work or spending the day exploring the great outdoors. It is where you unwind, washing away the day’s dirt, or soak away your aches and pains. With this much importance, you should feel like it is one of your favorite places to be. If this isn’t the situation, no problem, that’s what we are here for!

One of our main focuses at Designer Premier is to match clients with the right design professionals to help make your dream bathroom become a reality.

Our Complimentary Bathroom Design Match Service Includes:

Personal Interview with Marina, the Design Matchmaker
Slide show presentation of Denver’s top kitchen/bathroom designers.
Education on how designers work and charge.
Complimentary interviews with selected designers

bathroom design

bathroom design

bathroom design

bathroom design


Advantages to Having a Professional Designer as Your Guide

Our professional bathroom designers are constantly learning about the latest bathroom trends, and discovering new and exciting materials and ideas.

They can help you budget wisely, avoid mistakes, make the space beautiful and functional, introduce you to ideas and options you have not even considered, and open doors to new and specialized resources.

Designing a bathroom involves so many factors from determining a layout; deciding if you should keep the bathtub; choosing materials; working through plumbing and electrical configurations; and so much more.

A professional bathroom designer can help put all of the pieces together so you get the kitchen of your dreams.

They can help you find a contractor you trust, create the drawings so you can put it out to bid, evaluate each bid to make sure you are comparing apples to apples. They can order everything and manage the quality of the installation and finishing details.

Our Designers understand how it all fits together, why the parts are necessary, and how to manage the team to make the process relatively painless.

You’re going to do it right the first time if you are working with us! 

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