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How to create a home environment that nurtures you

The right home environment has a direct impact on our healing and well-being. You know that feeling you get when you walk into a room and a wave of peace rolls over you? If you are feeling the chaos of life or dealing with an illness, we can help create a restorative...

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Amazing Wolf Convection Steam Oven

I asked a few of my Denver Interior Designers to share some of their favorite new products.  I was intrigued when Lenore told me that she was currently obsessed with the Wolf Convection Steam Oven. She believes it is truly amazing! She learned about this oven recently...

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How the Cost of Remodeling Has Changed

Are you wondering how the cost of remodeling has changed in the last few years? The average price nationwide for having a professional do 27 common remodeling projects rose 3.1%  mid-year 2016 to mid-year 2017. The numbers in the chart above come from RemodelMAX (a...

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Using the Color Orange In Your Home

Using the color orange in your home can be intimidating for many folks but if used correctly it can add a lot of excitement to your home. Orange is a combination of red and yellow, it is stimulating and therefor the reaction to it is a combination of physical and the...

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How To Design A Space That’s ADHD-Friendly

Our homes should be our sanctuaries, and nothing provokes feelings of stress and discomfort quite like being in a room bursting with clutter. Creating an environment that is both well organized and structured is important for individuals looking to unwind. For adults...

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