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Take a Hands-Off Approach to Your Smart Shading Solution When people think of motorized shades, the main benefit they associate with them is remote control. They can use a handheld remote, mobile app or dedicated touchpad to manage them. While this is a great feature,...

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5 Design Ideas to Take Your Kitchen Up A Degree

Denver Kitchen Design Ideas The kitchen is the heart of your home, especially in this day and age where formal seating is so passe. Friends and family tend to hang out where the food is, which is typically the kitchen.  Because of this trend, islands have become even...

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New apps + smart home tech = smart wine cellar

Smart home technology might only make you think of everyday automation like temperature, lighting and shade control, security and entertainment. What you might not think of is your wine collection. New technology for any level of connoisseur and any size collection,...

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The Art of Play: Designing Children’s Rooms

I love seeing children's faces when they are experiencing something that thrills them. Their cheek to cheek smiles and giggles of pleasure are priceless. That is why as interior designers we get such joy from designing children's rooms that they love to live and play...

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