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We Match YOU to Denver’s Top Rated Interior Designers, Architects & Builders!

Complimentary Concierge Design Service

Using our unique Style Profile Process, we match you and the right design professional together based on your budget, lifestyle, tastes, and preferences.

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Marina helps clients save money, time, and stressful frustration

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It’s Easy and Stress-Free

We do the work for you! No need to spend countless hours searching the web, going through hundreds of portfolio’s and then meeting with people that may or may not be the right fit.



YES, it really is FREE!

The professionals we refer consider us a marketing expense, thus our fees are a part of doing business and not charged to you. Our agreement does not allow them to increase the cost of their services.



Pre-Screened & Top Rated

With talent, capabilities, and experience setting our Denver interior designers above others, our designers have a history of exceeding expectations to assure you of exceptional service.



It is All About YOU!

We ask a lot of questions to get to know you and to make sure we understand your goals. We educate and answer questions. We then match you and set up interviews .


Marina is the answer to all of your needs!

“She has the distinct ability to match clients to the right design professional to assure a winning outcome. Marina is very easy to work with and not at all intimidating. She is professional and gracious and treats every client as the most prestigious citizen in town. I trust my most important clients to her expertise.”

Edie Marks, Collegue and Client ReferralsThe Kentwood Company

Designer Premier is like the Reality show “The Voice”

“We would classify Marna’s service like the Reality TV show “The Voice”. We had three fabulous choices, and honestly, could have worked with anyone of the designers.”

Luda, Buell Mansion, Englewood, Colorado

Work with Marina if you can

“Marina has an excellent business model – there is no additional cost to the client. Her experience and expertise are results oriented and quick. She has great communication and knowledge of the field.”

Rebecca, Louisville, Colorado

There was no up-sell. Just helpfulness

“Marina re-assured us that our interior design predicament had solutions and helped set our expectations with convincing accuracy as to what to expect next in the process. Without hesitation, I can recommend the use of Designer Premier as a matchmaker pairing regular folks like us with design talent. And with no charge to us the homeowners!”

Nathan, Golden, Co

Contact Us

We ask a lot of questions to get to know you and to make sure we understand your goals. We educate, listen and answer questions.  We will then send you design profiles, arrange complimentary interviews, and help you choose the right interior designer, architect, or builder to create the home you have been dreaming of.

Please fill out our brief questionnaire or give us a call at 303.916.9515

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