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Denver Interior Designers Referral Service


Selecting from a pool of accomplished interior designers, Marina will recommend several options based on your specific needs, personality and style requirements. This is a complimentary service and there is no increase in cost for professionals found through us!

Working with our designers results in a design that suits YOU, and thrills YOU, it is about getting what YOU want…….
and it is also very much about getting that which you never knew you wanted.

Our interior designers are great listeners. We care about your concerns and will ask questions to get to know you so that our designs reflect your lifestyle, personality, and unique tastes!

You can be as involved in the design process as much or as little as you wish. We will guide you in the selection of materials and design options so that you have the right information from which to make decisions, and finally we will orchestrate all of those elements together into one magnificent seamless symphony.

At the completion of your project, we want you and your family to walk into your space and know that it is yours. We will be the invisible hand – the interpreters, the overseers, and the means to make your vision a reality.



The Designer Premier process begins with an in-depth consultation with Marina, The Design Matchmaker, to determine your objectives and needs.

Steps we use to match you and your project to the perfect design talent:

During your personal interview we will discuss your design project and establish your priorities.

We want to hear about your past design/remodeling experiences, your current goals, desires and priorities for your home. We want to learn what you like about your home and what makes you unhappy.

We can handle projects of any size, small to large, from accessory selection to ground-up construction.

We can handle any design style and realistic budgets, from Contemporary to Classic – Luxurious to Practical – Swank to Minimalist – High-end to Budget-Conscious

We will ask questions to understand how you process information and make decisions.

Most homeowners believe that design style is the most important factor when selecting a design professional. We disagree as we feel that the right chemistry, perspective, attitude, compatible work style and communication processes are equally essential to a successful designer match.

We will look at photos and discuss your likes and dislikes.

Every home should tell the story of the people who live there. We will discuss your design likes and dislikes, we will talk about how you live and function in your home, and then we will look at photos and gain an understanding of your personal design style.

We will discuss your design budget and give you an idea on what similar projects have cost.


You can ask questions and discover how interior designers in Colorado charge and administer their projects.

Not sure where to begin?  About 50% of the homeowners we match have never worked with a design professional before.

There is no such thing as a “typical fee” for a designer. Many factors influence what a designer may charge for their services.

We will help you understand the different methods designers use!

We will share the portfolios of design professionals that are a great fit for you and your project.

Once we get to this point we have outlined the project scope for your home, we have a solid understanding of your design style,  we have discussed your decision making and work style, we have talked about your budget and timing, and we have discussed cost ranges for designers.

We are now ready to share the portfolios of designers that we feel will be an excellent fit.

We have the right design professional for any job! Our interior designers have been selected because of their history of being knowledgeable, honest and ethical in their dealings at all times.

We will set up complimentary interviews with the professionals selected and hold your hand through the process.

Together we will determine the best possible design matches based on your specific needs. We will then set up interviews, attend the interviews with you and help you through the decision process.

✔ Professionals are matched to you individually – rather than the next name on the list.
✔Professionals are pre-screened for you – saving you time and frustration.
✔ No need to view hundreds of portfolios – we narrow it down to the BEST for YOU!
✔Our designers are independent and not associated with a store or showroom.

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Why use an Interior Designer?

Interior designers help create the character of your home so it reflects your personality and design style. Their basic function is to get inside your head, interpret your needs, solve problems and come up with a design plan to bring that vision to life. They aid in cutting renovation costs through superior planning and durable solutions.

Tips on Interviewing Interior Designers

Developing a relationship and the ability to work well together is vital, so you must be mutually comfortable and well-matched with each other’s personality and communication style. We will narrow it down to several exceptional designers for you but you will make the final decision based on your personal connection.

READ MORE about interviewing interior designers.

How Interior Designers Charge

Understanding how interior designers charge can be very complicated as there is not a set standard. Many factors influence what a designer may charge for his/her services. Most residential designers use one of the following methods, or combined methods, to set their fees and may negotiate to suit a client’s particular needs.


Design Budget- How to Determine It!

If you are unsure about how to arrive at a design budget, your designer can provide ranges for different types of services and projects.

READ MORE about determining budgets and the ROI for your remodeling projects.

Designer Premier saves you time, headaches and stress by matching you to the best interior designer, builder or architect for you and your project.

This is a Complimentary service and there is no increase in cost for professionals found through us!

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