Should You Paint Your Cabinets?

Are you looking for a way to update your kitchen without spending a fortune?

Should You Paint Your Cabinets?

Have you thought about painting your cabinets but wondering if it is really the right solution for you?

Most homeowners will consider refacing or painting their cabinets as a cost effective alternative to replacing them. Deciding what to do with your cabinets is one of the biggest decisions you will make when remodeling a kitchen or bathroom.

One of the most important elements to answer the question: “Should you paint your cabinets ?” is if the layout functions for you and your family. If you have ample counter space with multiple preparation areas, as well as enough storage for glasses and plates, and you are not constantly bumping into to things when the fridge is open, then this is likely a good layout. But you also have to consider how the kitchen connects to other areas of the home such as the view, and the way light enters the space.

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We have been transforming many of our client’s homes with a multi-step process where we create a beautiful custom color that is extremely durable.

This process combined with the skill and the application talent of our decorative painter, Sarah Ashford allows us to turn a “Pigs ear into a silk purse“.

Want to learn more about evaluating your cabinets and about this durable painting process? READ MORE 

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