Interior Design Tips for Multifamily Home

Interior design is a much deeper industry than the average person realizes. A lot of work goes into the creation of a home, to make it comfortable and vibrant and matching the personality of the individuals within. As our safe haven, our home should be the perfect reflection of ourselves, but with a multifamily house, it can be tough to get that design aspect down perfectly.

A multifamily home is a duplex, small house, or miniature apartment building with two to four families living in them, with their own accommodations. These are usually affordable and great for new property owners.


However, getting the interior perfect for each accommodation is key to the happiness of all of the families within the home. Here are some excellent tips and tricks our professional designers at Designer Premier have learned over their many years of experience working with these properties.

4 Tips For Multi Family Home Interior Design

Multifamily Interior Design is a whole niche inside of the industry. You need a special hand to pull it off, but it can be done! The most important part of this form of design is making each unit special and accessible without losing the uniform style that ties the building together.

1. Investigate Your Location

What is the surrounding area like? Depending on the city or town, the interior will vary. You want to match the outside world while also creating a personal, peaceful space. Something that integrates well into the vibe of your location is perfect. In our experience, we have given a vintage, playful touch to homes in downtown Austin, while looking at more modern, sleek designs for places like Chicago.

2. Stick With Neutrals

Most of the time, these will be rental properties, so many families will come and go over the years. It’s also important to remain uniform from unit to unit, but also give space for each family to give some personality to their home. Because of this, sticking with easy neutral colors and patterns is best, because it allows plenty of room for playing with customization.


3. Focus On The Features

Ultimately, you want each unit to feel like home before the family moves in. When you’re dealing with a stripped-back way of designing, to leave maximum flexibility, you need to work on other areas to make each unit special. Putting marble counters, a special shower design, or an open living room layout to bring a sense of originality to each unit will take your design a long way. It also can help to encourage creativity from the renters.

4. Use Different Ideas In Your Model

When you create a model of the apartment, either for showcase reasons or conceptualization, make sure you play with several different styles, colors, patterns, and ideas. You want to highlight things that many people will appreciate and enjoy, and spark the imagination. Remember: You’re not just selling one family, but several. This is your chance to show what the blank canvas can truly do.



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