The importance of our bathroom in our home is under exaggerated. It’s first stop when we get out of bed, and the final destination before returning under the covers; it’s the start and finish our day. Having a relaxed, aesthetically pleasing environment to get that good beginning & end is known to reduce stress and encourage a better mood.

Maximizing Space In Your Bathroom: Top 4 Tips & Tricks

Bathroom design in Denver may not seem like such an in-depth industry, but it’s a very dynamic aspect in the interior design communities. Finding the best designers for your bathroom who understand the best ways to create extra space and maintain a calming, soothing, relaxing vibe for the room as a whole is key to the perfect execution of a flawless design.

1. Layout & Flow

A good designer will know how to follow a natural pattern in the bathroom to create an organic accessibility to all appliances. The shower, tub, sink, counter, toilet, towel racks, closets, shelves, and storage should all follow a specific flow that will become a habitual morning and evening routine. You want the layout to feel simple and maneuverable, with plenty of space for walking and primping. It’s also important to utilize every corner and square inch to get the most out of the space.

2. The Minimalist Approach

All over the interior design communities you are seeing more and more of the infiltration of minimalism. From smaller, sleeker furniture pieces to high efficiency appliances to less decor and a more streamlined, modern expression, minimalism is very on brand right now. By reducing clutter and unneeded flair on furniture, and cutting back on visually distressing designs and complex color palettes, you’re giving less for your brain to try and process in those first and last moments of the day. It’s laid back, it’s simple; it’s the epitome of relaxation. That’s the goal!

3. Overhead Storage

One trend that is beginning to blossom in popularity within the bathroom interior design market is the utilization of innovation and unique storage. This is especially useful when it doubles as another function to create even more value for it’s position in the bathroom. Racks for towels and toilet sets are becoming one, the shelves behind mirrors are getting larger, cabinets are being used above the standard bathroom sink and counter in favor of allowing more floor space to exist.

4. Light Colors

Sometimes, all you need to open up a room is the illusion of space. Natural lighting and light, cool colors help to give the appearance of a bigger room and increase visibility, which does wonders for expanding a space and creating a bright area. Reflective colors such as gold, white, metallics, sand, and pale shades of blue are excellent for redirecting focus and creating this maximizing effect on a bathroom. Colors have the ability to transform a space, so a color consultation may be all you need.

To get started on the transformation your bathroom needs, contact our designer.

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