Home Repair Following Renter Nightmare

Let’s hope you never have to worry about a Home Repair Following Renter Nightmare.

I know we have all heard of horror stories where renters have left homes damaged, dirty and unliveable.

Unfortunately, our clients, Josie and Dave Semmes experienced this first hand.

They returned to their Lakewood home after working abroad for 3 years, only to be very unpleasantly surprised upon their arrival.

The renter who had been living there while they were away destroyed their once immaculate home.

In need of some serious TLC, the Semmes were referred to Marina to help them find the right interior designer to restore their home.


Marina worked with the Semmes and paired  them with Julee, who she knew was the perfect designer for them.

I was first paired with a designer that did not fit our needs. Before I even figured this out myself, Marina paired me with a different designer. After meeting the second designer, I could see why she thought it was a better match. My personality and design tastes fit so well with the second designer, I could not have asked for a better pairing. I highly recommend this service and had a fantastic experience remodeling my master bathroom, interior doors, and master bedroom. Marina knows how to pair her clients with great reputable designers. She was very responsive and helpful throughout the process.

Home Repair following Renter Nightmare

Closet Doors Before

Julee began immediately by gathering estimates and pulling in some experts to assess the damages for the Semmes legal counsel, in their battle to regain some of their losses.

We replaced the carpet and the base boards, we sanded and refinished all of their hardwood flooring throughout the home, and upgraded all their interior doors.



We also came up with a fabulous new layout for their master bath, which made sense to tackle since we were there working on so much at the same time.


Semmes Bath Floor Plan-1

Bathroom Counters Before

As our client Josie put it, “ Our old bathroom resembled a dingy 1980s hotel room bathroom”. 

We had limited space to work with to begin with, so we really needed to maximize the space we did have to add the storage and dual shower heads they were seeking to add.

It came down to the inch, but we were able to add everything they wanted.

The biggest challenge was deciding on a color pallet and maximizing lighting.

Josie naturally gravitated to darker cooler colors, so finding the right “light and bright” shades to make the room appear larger was a task.

Semmes Bath Rendering-1
A 3-D Rendering was used to help our clients visualize the changes.

With the help of some 3-d renderings, we were able to show the differences  and mutually decided on a great light gray and ivory contemporary look.





Our Home Repair following Renter Nightmare turned out great!

Josie and Dave are thrilled with their new luxurious space.

Julee is one of many  Denver Designers that were selected by Marina Dagenais to be the experts that she represents as “The Design Matchmaker“.

Meet Marina. "The Design Matchmaker" Meet Marina: “The Design Matchmaker”

Marina matches homeowners with the perfect interior designer based on personality, the scope of work, talented needed, design style, budget, location, and timing.

Interested in learning more? Click here to view a short video on her Complimentary Designer Matching Service

Contact Marina today to start a conversation about the many wonderful options we have at your disposal~

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