Holistic Interior Design: The Health and Harmony of a Space

Holistic Interior Design is not only about designing a beautiful home it is about creating a space that nourishes your wellbeing. When designed well, Holistic Interior Design nourishes the mind, body, and spirit of the people that dwell in the space.

A traditional approach to interior design is focused on solving problems, function, and how visually pleasing a room is. Holistic Interior Design dives deeper as the designer considers how a room “feels”.

A  background in meditation, healing arts with strong design sensibilities and knowledge make our Designer Joe, an expert in Holistic Interior Design.

Holistic Interior Design

All photos designed by Joe and his team

Joe, calls his Holistic Interior Design process the “True Home Process.”

Holistic Design is about listening deeply. Not just listening to our clients – although of course, that is key. It is about listening to the land and environment around a home. Listening to the history and the longing of objects and places. Listening to the subtle energies that so greatly impact the way spaces make us feel.

All of these voices, inner and outer, new and old, quiet and loud, must be heard and acknowledged, with attention and care, in order for spaces to be brought into balance and harmony, and for a house to truly feel like home.” Designer Premier designer, Joe

Holistic Interior Design

This type of design is even more critical since many of us are spending more time at home. As it ensures the area stimulates the physical, mental and spiritual health of the individuals who live and work there.

Holistic Interior Designers combine their knowledge of color psychology, Biophilia, environmental studies, human biology and ergonomics, to design attractive, well-functioning homes that truly make you healthier.

Holistic Interior Design

Holistic Interior Design

Holistic Interior Design

Holistic Interior Design

Holistic design may be understood in many different ways. For us, it means looking at a home as a part of a bigger whole, and addressing all of the seen and unseen elements that influence the health and harmony of a space.”  Designer Premier designer, Joe

Holistic Interior Design

Interiors designed with a holistic approach feel fabulous, appear brighter and lighter, nourish your soul, and promote health and happiness.

Joe is one of many Denver Interior Design firms that were selected by Marina Dagenais to be the experts that she represents as “The Design Matchmaker“. Joe serves the greater Denver area, Boulder and Aspen.  See more of Joe’s work.

Thinking of building, remodeling, or adding on to your home – let us simplify the process by matching you with the right design pros.

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