Have you heard of Japandi Design?

Japandi design is a combination of Scandinavian functionality and Japanese rustic minimalism. It is a hybrid of east and west design: the uncluttered Japanese design aesthetic blends seamlessly with Scandinavian interiors’ casual, relaxed style. The character of the two together features minimal interiors, natural elements like textured wood, and handmade ceramics that add comfort and warmth. It emphasizes clean lines, bright open spaces, and light colors.

What Are the Elements of Japandi?

Japandi design accentuates sustainability – natural materials and simple designs. It is not sparse, but it’s calculated. It embraces raw materials, muted colors, well-curated furnishings. It focuses on pieces made by hand with beautiful craftsmanship over throwaway, cheap arrangements. Soothing, relaxing, and peaceful palettes are typical; brighter colors are incorporated subtly.

How Japanese and Scandinavian Styles Compliment Eachother

They both emphasize minimalism and the significance of creating function-driven spaces enhanced by select statement pieces. Conversely, It is their differences that make their merger so attractive. At times Japanese spaces can be overly sleek, so the rustic details in Nordic design add coziness and warmth. Scandinavian interiors can be so neutral they can appear sterile; the rich color palette of Japanese design gives the room more warmth.

How Can I Decorate in Japandi Design Style?

Japandi design follows many of the same principles as minimalism and “Hygge Design.” They all emphasize natural materials such as raw woods or bamboo that convey the feeling of nature and simplistic splendor.

Soft Colors – Use muted colors with hints of pale green and add plants and greenery to create a feeling of outdoor living.

Reducing Clutter – This design aesthetic focuses on clean lines and open spaces.

Zen-like but Cozy – add warm textures and delicate pieces while maintaining a zen-like sense of calm in your space.

Beautiful Craftsmanship –  Look for quality pieces that will work with your decor for years and are sustainable and safe for our planet.

Though both Japanese and Scandi decor aren’t new, the combination of the two is sure to be a rising trend over the next few years.

The current climate has prompted new design influences to arise in the US. If this piece on Japandi Design Style sparked your design interest, you would also want to learn about “Hugge.” Each of them comprises calming colors and natural elements that allow the stress to melt away as you enter your home.

Our goal at Designer Premier is always to create rooms that welcome and embrace you. If you are looking for a designer to help you create a home that welcomes you, you will be excited to learn about our complimentary design match service.


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