Hugge Design Style: Creating the Overall Feeling of Comfort

Today we will explore Hugge Design Style. A Dutch word, which translates into the word “Hug,” The Hugge home embraces a feeling of warmth and happiness, like the sound of a babbling brook conveys.

Neutrals, Comfort, Timeless, Minimal

Hugge design is a  timeless look that features a neutral color scheme, texture, comfort. It invites you to relax and enjoy the addition of candles, twinkly lights, a roaring fire. Your home should be uncluttered,  limit yourself to things that bring happiness and joy.

Unites the Outdoors with Your Interior  

To create this design, you will include organic touches, like stones, wildflowers, and Terracotta pots filled with fresh herbs, grapevine wreaths, and anything made by hand, especially wood products. Natural sunlight is a critical feature of Hugge Design Style.

Feeling of Comfort

A Sensory Journey

Like the sensory traits produced by soft organic fabrics, how something makes you feel is essential in creating a Hugge home. Warm tones with natural materials, like cotton and wool, are dominant in this type of design.

Feeling of Comfort

Hugge homes in Denmark show drapes in knitted fabrics, deep reds and oranges, and bright pillows to add pops of color and create a statement. You may also see the use of wallpaper, which adds an organic texture.

There are many ways to add Hugge design to your home. Flooding your home with scented candles is one of the easiest ways to add warmth and bring a sense of Hugge to your home. But it all comes down to creating a feeling of welcome and relaxation.

I hope his piece on Hugge Design Style sparked your design interest. The current climate has prompted new design influences to arise in the US. Next month we will explore the Japandi Design style.  Each of them comprises calming colors and natural elements that allow the stress to melt away as you enter your home.

Our goal at Designer Premier is always to create rooms that welcome and embrace you. Learn about our complimentary design match service.

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