Greenwood Village Home Update

Our client’s Greenwood Village home was dated with oak interior trim, doors, and railings.

This is a typical predicament for many of the homes we are updating in the Greenwood Village area as well as many other areas of Denver.

Our client, Shanna, wanted to open the space as well as make it feel lighter and brighter.

Designer Premier Designer, Shawna was referred to her by our happy clients the Zuercher’s. They collaborated together to discuss possible options and to finalize the design plan for this Greenwood Village Home. 


Greenwood Village Home Remodel
We painted the doors, trim and railing white. To create a fun architectural detail, the stair railing balusters were painted white and the banister was painted a beautiful charcoal grey color.

Greenwood Village home REDESIGN

The Result: A fresh, inviting, lively interior. 


Greenwood Village Home Remodel
The height of the new fireplace detail and bright white paint created a dramatic impact in the 2 story family room.


before Greenwood Village Home Remodel
BEFORE: The dated fireplace and built-ins cut off the height of the 2 story room.


After Greenwood Village Home Remodel
In order to keep the costs down, it was decided that we should keep the oak kitchen cabinets, but have them painted.
Before Greenwood Village Home Remodel
The upper cabinet doors had arched raised panels and were in need of updating. They were replaced with new doors with square raised panels and then painted to match the rest of the cabinets.


After Greenwood Village Home Remodel
We discovered that Shanna loved the color green. So we pulled the green tones out of the granite with a hand-glazed ceramic backsplash tile. The current granite would not have been our first choice but it was still pretty and in good shape, so we decided to make it work.
After Greenwood Village Home Remodel
A custom trim was added to the back of the cabinets on the peninsula, to both dress it up, and to tie it in with the new family room.


After Greenwood Village Home Remodel
We replaced the one door and 5 windows along the sidewall with 2 new french doors with transoms above that opens to the back patio. The high windows were also replaced. Rather than lacing-in matching oak flooring, we chose to tear it all out and replace it with a beautiful engineered, varying plank size, wood floor.


After Greenwood Village Home Remodel
All of the furnishings, including this stunning entry piece, are new and finish the transformation of the room nicely.

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Shawna is one of many designers that were selected by Marina Dagenais to be the experts that she represents as “The Design Matchmaker”.

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