Every Good Interior Designer Will Do These 3 Things

1. Take the Time to Get to Know You

Every Good Interior Designer will start with what we call the design phase, it is the start of and the most important part of any design project.  The design phase typically starts with what many designers refer to as the “lifestyle” discussion. Some designers will use a questionnaire to gather information others do it simply by spending time with you, observing your habits and asking questions and taking notes. The goal of either method is to get an understanding of your likes and dislikes, routines in your home, vacations, and spaces that inspire you outside of your home, priorities, etc.

Little things, like why you select to sit on a certain chair in your family room, help to provide the designer with important information in assisting them to design a home that speaks and nurtures you as a family/individual.


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2. Look at Your Home as a Whole

I met with a client once who needed some assistance with the main level of her home. She had met with a designer that told her she needed to invest in a large bookshelf for her family room. It was obvious to me that this particular designer just wanted to sell her some stuff, as she did not look at the home as a whole – just one particular high priced item she wanted to sell. As it turned out she worked for a particular store and was not an independent designer, which explains her approach.  Read Our Blog: Are Free Design Services Really FREE? 

Every good interior designer would have created an overall plan for her home, showing her different options on how to achieve the desired outcome.

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3. Always Start with Function

 Once the designer has spent the time to understand the clients likes and dislikes and how they want to live in their home, every good interior designer will start with evaluating the function of the home for the family that lives there. They will start with space planning before they start recommending items. Once the designer and client agree on the best floor plan, the fun begins with the selection of the finishes, cabinets,  furniture, rugs, art, and accessories, and everything else needed to bring the clients vision to life.

Above All, Every Good Interior Designer Will Design Based on Your Tastes and Wishes, Not Their Own!


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