Are Free Design Services, really “FREE”?

With several well-known furniture stores offering “FREE DESIGN SERVICE” you may ask, why hire an independent Interior Designer?

Free Design ServicesMany furniture stores entice potential clients by offering them free design services. I understand the draw but it is important to know that as always, you get what you pay for.

Since there is no licensing in Colorado for designers, you will find that most of these services offer salespeople who are not trained or experienced designers.

Pottery Barn uses the term “Design Studio Specialist”, West Elm calls theirs “Home Stylist”, Lazy Boy and Bassett describe their staff as “Design Consultants”– all of these terms mean they have a knack for design and are not trained (I mean at least a 2 yr. program not a 1 day training session).

Do you think there training program teaches how to interpret their clients style, or just how to sell their product?


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“Are Free Design Services, really “FREE”?

When you purchase from an independent interior designer, you typically pay an hourly fee to do the design and a mark-up on purchases (since they buy at wholesale the selling price is still less than the retail price). When you buy from a furniture store the markup and commission to the salesperson is already configured into the selling price of the item. So you see, in both instances, you are really paying someone to help you buy that item.

Would you rather that person be a highly skilled interior designer or a salesperson?

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