Designing a spec home that blends modern and traditional influences

Designing a spec home that blends modern and traditional influences while still remaining beautifully unique? It’s a question designers and homebuyers alike may struggle with, but if any home can answer that question, it’s this one.

The exterior presents a surprisingly unassuming facade, but if you look closer, you can see that the modern, practical shape is accented by features common to the Mediterranean villas of Spain, Italy, and southern France.

This stunning spec home is on City Park Road in Austin Tx, near lake Austin. Our designer, Lenore was excited to learn that she was selected to bring this Spec home to life.

Design a spec home, or speculative build comes with its own set of challenges.

It needs to be designed so that it matches the most popular trends for today’s homes, as the potential buyer has no control over its construction and design.

The cost of a spec home is typically lower than a similar custom home and is a hassle-free experience.

While many spec homes look similar and lack uniqueness, that is certainly not the case here.  Our designer Lenore, worked with the builder to create a home that feels like it was customized for its new owners.

This home boasts gorgeous tile and stone, both timeless and timely. The stunning kitchen wall tile pairs familiar color schemes of white marble and gold with modern, sharp angles and matching hardware.

While one bathroom features a wallpaper look made from tile that’s both vintage and avant-garde, another has an eye-catching yet calming blue herringbone that provides a tempered vision of Versailles elegance and glamour.


A home’s most significant value lies with its occupants, but perhaps in second place comes its ability to not only feel like home but to serve as art. Functional and traditional; stylish and one-of-a-kind.

I am sure that you will agree that the designer’s choices in completing this masterpiece bring all elements together to create a truly unique look. Not your typical spec home. at all!

Lenore is one of many Denver Interior Design firms that were selected by Marina Dagenais to be the experts that she represents as “The Design Matchmaker“. Lenore also serves Texas. View more of Lenore’s work.

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