5 Design Ideas to Take Your Kitchen Up A Degree

Denver Kitchen Design Ideas

The kitchen is the heart of your home, especially in this day and age where formal seating is so passe. Friends and family tend to hang out where the food is, which is typically the kitchen.  Because of this trend, islands have become even more important.  If your kitchen is not functioning for you then maybe it’s time to give that piece of heart some TLC.

If you are thinking of selling then upgrading your kitchen can make your home pop and stand out in the Denver market. A little design can go a long way. A fabulous kitchen design is very likely to sell your home faster, for a good ROI  and it may even make you change your mind about selling.


Standard double-bowl sinks were once the craze that has now filled every home across America (including Denver). But people don’t hand-wash dishes as much nowadays. These double-bowl sinks are now more of a kitchen eyesore.

Design Ideas
Single-bowl sinks like farmhouse sinks, shown above, are more functional and will help you spice things up in the kitchen.

Having a second sink can also make your kitchen more efficient. Multiple sinks help with the flow in the kitchen and help when you have too many cooks.


Is your kitchen suffering from a case of the 80’s? You may call it retro, but it may be time to bring your kitchen into this era. A great way to update your kitchen is with some new sleek cabinets.

Design Ideas
Kitchen Designed by Designer Premier Designer, Ingrid.

Oak cabinets are very popular right now as are materials like wood veneer and painted MDF (a type of engineered wood). Combine those with unique color design, like lighter white cabinets for up top and a blue for lower cabinets.

If you are looking for a way to showcase your beautiful dishes and décor, then glass-faced cabinets or open shelves are all the rage right now.

Pass-Through Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are a popular idea and are sure to make your outdoor space feel more welcoming. Another way to break away from the ho-hum in both indoor and outdoor kitchens are to create a “pass-through” window for your kitchen. There is no need to fear that your backyard barbecue will be ruined by rain or bugs when the cooking is happening inside.

Design Ideas

With a pass-through window, you also won’t be cut off from the party. Pass-through windows can be enhanced with unique touches like an awning window, a garage door, pocket window, or an accordion window.


Kitchen Islands add more than just an appealing feature, they add counter space, storage space and a place to put extra features like sinks and appliances. You can also add in that wine fridge, an extra dishwasher, trash compactor, or extra sink.

You can use your island to add seating and have everyone together. The more common way to add seating is to create a bar height counter with bar stools, as shown above. Below is a unique way to incorporate an island into a custom-designed bench seating concept.


Design Ideas
Kitchen designed by Designer Premier designer, Joe

An island is an important feature of any kitchen that will help you make your kitchen the best it can be.

Wall Designs

White kitchens, dark kitchens, sometimes the hardest part of remodeling your kitchen is figuring out what to do with that wall. You can add extra features to your kitchen by adding a pop of color, artwork, or a collection of photos.

Design Ideas
Kitchen Designed by Designer Premier Designer, Jamie.

Chalkboard paint is a great way to take your kitchen from normal to exciting for everyone. No more need for cluttered whiteboards, message pads, and paper. You can write messages directly on the wall.

If you are ready to spice up your kitchen design, contact us and we can help you create the kitchen of your dreams.


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