Carpet and Rug Trends For 2019 – We Are Seeing A Resurgence In Popularity

Carpet and Rug Trends For 2019 are showing a resurgence in popularity as consumers desire to have warmth and softness under their feet.

Hardwoods, tile and other hard-surface flooring options will continue to be extremely popular, but carpet is predicted to shine in 2019.

Consumers are still choosing carpet for the plush feel and its ability to add warmth but Carpet and Rug Trends For 2019 offer homemakers the opportunity to express strong design statements, with vibrant colors, unique patterns, and one-of-a-kind handmade rugs.

Carpet and Rug
Belize by Harcourt Collection – a 100% Linen flat weave.

Carpet and Rug Trends For 2019: Naturals 

The trend of using organic elements and natural fibers is not new to 2019 but is carrying over from the past few years. The idea is to create light-filled spaces with plants, natural wood, and white/neutral fabrics.

Materials that would fit into this natural trend of flooring would be cork, jute, cotton, undyed wool, linen and sisal. All of these natural fibers are incredibly cost-effective, durable and easily woven and dyed to create various patterns.

Carpet and Rug
Bedford Cord in the color Silver by Crescent

Carpet and Rug Trends For 2019: “Hygge” (Pronounced Hoo-Gah)

Danish for “Happy Living,” this trend is also carrying over from previous years. Similar to the natural trend, this style is categorized by the use of natural materials such as linen and cotton.

The aesthetic of this style is relaxation and simplicity created through the use of chunky knits, copper accents, bleached wood and a soft color palette that includes petal pink and cornflower blue, as well as taupe and ivories. The photo above is of the style Bedford Cord in the color Silver by Crescent – a chunky knit carpet that complements the bleached wood and soft pastel walls.

Carpet and Rug
Stark Studio Rug’s Dunes – Iniko in color Black/White

Carpet and Rug Trends For 2019: Nomadic 

A pull to exotic locations worldwide, this style is colorful and eclectic. Bright colors woven into beautiful patterns and the use of recycled materials are accompanied by painted woods, pierced lanterns, and vibrant fabrics.

The Pantone Color of the year for 2019 is Living Coral, which would blend in beautifully as flooring or an accent.

Cork flooring is also an eclectic and exciting addition to this style that would fit in beautifully alone, or with an area rug.  The photo above of Stark Studio Rug’s Dunes – Iniko in color Black/White, would look great paired with vibrant fabric and exotic treasures.

Carpet and Rug
Luxelooms Stratosphere in the color Waterfall

Carpet and Rug Trends For 2019: Modern/Bold 

The above photo of Luxelooms Stratosphere in the color Waterfall, adds a sense of shock value. This style trend uses neutral and classic pieces with bright accents.

Carpet and area rugs are an excellent way to bring in the sense of shock value and update preexisting spaces. In the above home, it is being used as a wall-to-wall flooring solution, adding color and excitement to the simplicity of the white and gold elements of the room.

Carpet and Rug
Room and area rug designed by Designer Premier Designer Nora.

All of the mentioned carpet, rug and flooring materials are available through your interior designer or Aztec Carpet and Rug.

If you are thinking of building or remodeling, or need help refreshing your home, we can help connect you with trustworthy professionals!

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