5 Things to Consider When Remodeling

Denver Remodeling – Tips and Strategies

Unless you built your home yourself, chances are there are things that you want to change. Denver remodeling can seem like an intense thing to go through, but when approached in the right way, remodeling can be a fun and exciting change. Before jumping in and tearing down all those things you dislike, here are five things to consider:

1) What are Your Goals?

You may hate looking at that horrible rock covered fireplace, but before you take a sledgehammer to it, stop and think about what your goals for your home are.

How long are you planning on living in your home? If you’re thinking of living there for five years or less, then your remodel goals will be different than if you’re planning on living there longer. The same is true if you are planning for ten years or even forever.

After figuring out how long you plan on living there, you can assess what should change. If you’re living short term, you may look for what will give you the most in resale value. If you’re living there forever, you will want to think about what will be best for your personal tastes.

Maybe you want your kitchen to look like something from your favorite show. Before rushing off to buy all new cabinets and countertops, write down what your plan is for that room.

2) Plan Your Budget

To quote the famous song: “it’s all about the money.” You may want to gut your home and start over, but if your pockets say “cosmetics only” you may have to change your plan. Look carefully at your budget. How much do you feel comfortable committing to your remodel?

Some rooms are more expensive to remodel than others. Remember contingencies. Anyone who has watched a home improvement show can tell you; there is always something that can go wrong or will cost more than planned. Planning for that before going in can save you heartache and financial upset.

Find out the average cost for similar Denver remodeling projects and what the return on investment is.

3) Research

You may want that cute farmhouse kitchen or that modern chic living room, but will it work in your home? What about the cost, the supplies, the labor? Going down to the hardware store and buying things that look pretty, without a design plan, is not the best strategy.

Research your plan. Will it work in the space. Research the materials. Are they of high quality? Will they last?

It’s also good to talk to friends who have remodeled. Get tips and advice from them. Talk to a realtor as well as they can guide you to the market costs in your area. Understanding the value of the homes around you will help decide what you can invest in your home, while still staying at the right price point for resale.

You also should talk to a Design Matchmaker, like Marina Dagenais. She can assist you with finding the right professionals for your Denver remodeling project and answer your questions regarding the process and fees associated.

Look at magazines, Pinterest, and other sources for ideas on what you want. Having a clear picture will help you in the decision process down the line.

4) Planning and Timing

You’ve done your research; now it’s time to plan and schedule. You may not want to plan a large kitchen remodel the week before you’re supposed to host Thanksgiving dinner. Look at how long a remodel is going to take. If you’re planning a huge family vacation in the middle of it, you may not succeed.

You also don’t want to live in a construction zone forever. You need to have an end in sight to your project. Plan how long it will take to accomplish the task. If you’re unsure, you will need to discuss it with your contractor or designer.

5) Hire the Right Expert

YouTube might make it look easy, but some things are best left to the experts. In your research stage, contact Marina, The Design Matchmaker to find the right contractor and designer that is right for you and your remodel. You need someone who knows the construction codes, is thorough and will do a good job. Equally important is someone who gets you and is a great listener.

Designer Premier experts can help you through the process of each step. You don’t need to go through this remodel alone. We have been there and can help you as you plan the changes you want to make in your home.

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