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Smart Tech Cooks UP a Smart Kitchen

Do your home remodeling or upgrade plans include your kitchen? Consider the advantages of extending your home’s technology into the most lived-in space in your home, making it safer, more convenient, energy-efficient and fun! Make it yours Your kitchen is one of the...

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Simple ‘Tidying Up’ Tips are Spreading Joy

I wrote a blog on Marie Kondo's book on “The life-changing Magic Of Tiding Up” back in February of 2016. Now she has her own Netflix show and Marie Kondo's  simple 'Tidying Up' tips are spreading joy! After I read the book, I spent the next few weeks using Marie...

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How to Jazz Up your Home’s Audio

If you’ve been thinking about how you can add significant value to your home, a smart, whole-home audio system may be your answer! Whether you’re into old-school classics on vinyl or stream all the latest hits through your online library, let the pros hook you up with...

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2019 Home Color Trends – What Colors are Next?

Whether you’re in the fashion or décor world, there is always a lot of excitement when Colors of the Year palettes are released. Design companies spend months studying the current culture, environment, political climate to decide what role color needs to play in our...

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Remodeling the Pool Area: Knowing Your Options

It is every homeowner’s dream to have the best features their home can have. If your pool area is not giving you the satisfaction you crave, you may consider giving it a makeover. It does not have to involve something tedious and costly like taking out the old pool...

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Building a Smart Bathroom for a Smart Home

What comes to mind when you think about a smart home? Design trends in 2018 are making us think of smart bathrooms. Tech for your most lived-in space It’s easy to want the flashiest and highest tech for all your living and entertaining spaces, but what about the first...

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How to Light Your Bedroom for Better Sleep

Bedroom designed by Designer Premier designer Cory Perhaps, like most people, you are wondering how to light our bedrooms for better sleep?  The lighting in your bedroom, as well as the way you control natural light, contribute to your sleep success. Too much light...

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