11 Exciting 2017 Lighting Design Trends for Denver

The Designer Premier team of designers recently joined by some of the areas top Builders and Architects attended a seminar at Fusion Light & Design to learn about the 2017 Lighting Design Trends for Denver.

We were so excited about the 2017 Lighting Design Trends for Denver, we just had to share them with you!


1. Cages are huge this year. They are a very versatile design as you will find styles that will complement any style of design – From Contemporary to a Romantic Farm House.

modified sputnik

2. Modified Sputnik has really been gaining popularity because of the dramatic impact this style makes in a room.


3. We are seeing a lot of metal in lighting and home design with some exciting mixing of metals.


4. I am loving the influence of Rings in lighting this year – they appear to be floating in mid-air. They add an architectural element to a high ceiling, bringing it down, yet still creating a feeling of height and openness. 


5. We think you should jump feet first into the trend of largely scaled lighting. Nothing is too big this year – if in doubt, size up rather than down.

out of the box

6. Lighting is the Jewelry of the Room. Think of lighting as putting on the perfect piece of jewelry to finish an outfit. Not only does it make a statement it can also cast interesting and even romantic shadows, as shown in the images above.

industrial & mid mod

7. The popular TV series Mad Men is still having an influence in lighting and home design.

2017 Lighting Design Trends for Denver: FINISHES


8. For the last few years, we have seen the color white-dominant finishes in the design world – especially in kitchens. White will still be a dominant color choice for many but we will also see black. Black with white makes a dramatic impact as you will see in the bathroom photo above.

brass & gold

9. The popularity of brass and gold can be difficult to understand if you are thinking of the dated brass fixtures most homeowners are tearing out of their homes. Like all trends, in fashion or home design, the new brass looks different because of the shape, size and or finish of each piece.

blues and teals

10. Turquoise is my favorite color so this new trend excites the heck out of me!

mixed finishes

11. The combinations of finishes on a single piece or in a room create visual interest and individuality.


Lighting truly is the jewelry of a room.

Just like the perfect necklace or pair of earrings completes an outfit,  the perfect light sets the right mood and energy for each space in your home. Our interior designers can add the final touches to your spaces with the right lighting, making your house welcoming and functional at the same time.

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