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6 Reasons You Should Google Your Address

It seems almost negligent these days to go meet with a prospective employer, set your kid up on a sleep-over or even add an old friend on Facebook without first running the company's name, your kid's pal's parents or your old college chum through Google -- just to...

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Man Caves

Generally speaking, the garage is the man’s domain, and as such, a lot of garages are being turned into ‘man-caves’, a place where the man of the house can work on hobbies, entertain friends, jam out, watch sports or just escape for a bit. In response to this trend,...

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ENVIRONMENTAL Sink…..using your Toilet tank!

That's right folks - there is a sink in the tank of this toilet! The New York Times calls it one of 5 "Must-do's for a Green Home." WorkBench Magazine named it a "Top Innovation." From Interior Design Magazine to HGTV, it's clear folks have good things to say about...

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Indo Puri – Web Bed

Charles Eisen & Associates now presents Indo Puri. Offering home furnishings and accessories made from natural materials, unique to the Indonesian archipelago. Materials such as coconut shell, seashell, mother of pearl, wood, stone etc., and used in unique and...

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WALKS Porcelain – Easy to clean, no special care required!

Brand new to the United States from Italy, Decorative Materials is one of the few importers of the pristine and coveted WALKS Porcelain. With the beauty of porcelain and replication of stone, WALKS is ideal for indoor, outdoor, floor or wall application and features a...

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“Cost vs. Value” Report for Remodeling Projects

If you are thinking of remodeling, you are sure to be wondering what it might cost. A helpful resource  for estimationsed costs associated with remodeling is the Remodeling Magazine's annual "Cost vs. Value" report. It shows costs involved  on some of the most popular...

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Introducing Seat Belt Seating by the Phillips Collection

 For a great conversation piece we recommend the Seat Belt seating. Stylish, innovative and extremely comfortable, Seat Belt is available in a range of forms and colors – Orange, Black, Green, White, Purple and Red. Also available from Phillips Collection -...

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Whole House Renovation

Whole House Renovation – Mountain Retreat - Breckenridge, Co Our client’s objective: The Breckenridge home was considered by many beyond repair.  But our client dreamed of making this interesting but out dated mountain home into a warm and inviting mountain retreat....

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Hello Design Lovers

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Interior Design [frame_left][/frame_left]Seven years ago, I would not have been able to write this blog, as I knew nothing about working with an interior...

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