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Lighting is the Jewelry of the Room

Have you noticed that when you walk into a dark or poorly lit room there is a feeling of gloom. While walking into a well lit room, with the right blend of natural and artificial light creates an uplifting and welcoming feeling. Lighting that is beautiful and makes a...

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Home Furnishings from Around the World

Rustic / Reclaimed / Vintage / Industrial/ Antique/ Modern Rare Finds Warehouse is a collaboration of what’s new and old in the world of furniture and home decor. We sell wholesale and retail from our warehouse in Denver, Colorado.   Hand-Picked Custom Built Home...

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How to Organize Your Kids’ Rooms

Winter break is officially over and the hustle and bustle has returned faster than the melting snow. But with school days resuming, come piles of paper and projects. Combine that with sports practice, after-school clubs, bake sales, fundraisers and book drives, and...

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Lighting Resource for Designers

Ever wonder where Interior Designers find the best Lighting Resource in Denver? Our favorite Lighting Resource for Designers is  Image Complete. It is an unique lighting showroom resource with over 200 lighting lines and unsurpassed expertise and customer service to...

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Top 5 Ways to Raise Your Home Value

Easy Ways to Raise Your Home Value Your home is the largest financial investment you will ever make. Investing money to improve your home will not only serve you well while you live there, it will pay off when the time comes to sell. Even if you are on a limited...

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Permit required for my Remodel Project?

Project Guide for Interior Remodel Projects   This guide is provided by The City of Denver and is intended to provide you an overview of the requirements for interior remodel projects involving structural changes inside your home. For information on specific...

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Houzz Feature Story: A Home of a Different Color

Houzz Tour: A Home of a Different Color   A Designer Premier Interior Designer infuses a Boulder, Colorado home with daring and drama   Meet Erin,  the Designer Premier Designer that did this fun space With offices in New York City and Colorado, Erin designs...

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Home Environment – impact on our well-being

Home Environment that nurtures you! The right home environment has a direct impact on our healing and well-being. You know that feeling you get when you walk into a room and a wave of peace rolls over you? If you are feeling the chaos of life, or dealing with an...

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Basement Transformation

Many home buyers purchase houses with unfinished basements with the intention of adding a spare bedroom, office, or man cave, but are intimidated by the dark space and accumulation of junk. While basements add square footage and storage potential to homes, many times...

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Are Free Design Services, really “FREE”?

With several well- known furniture stores offering “FREE DESIGN SERVICE” you may ask, why hire an independent Interior Designer? Many furniture stores entice potential clients by offering them free design services. I understand the draw but it is important to know...

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Client Presentations: 5 ways Designers Present

Curious how designers do client presentations? Client Presentations are typically done after the project has gone through the design phase.  This is the question phase where the designer conducts an extensive  investigation to gain a complete understanding of the...

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Need some Inspiration for your Home Office?

Working from home has it challenges, from the many distractions to lack of function and organization. Whether you have a loft that needs to be transformed into a functional office or a cubby that needs functionality, to a space that simply inspires you, a professional...

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