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I have met with five new clients this last week. Four of them are doing extensive remodels on their homes and the other one is a ground up construction. Each of them expressed that a very important skill they lacked and needed help with was organization and how the house functions.

We find it is best to bring in the professionals at the Closet Factory to work hand in hand with us and our clients to assure we are providing the very best solutions. We are sure you will agree they are the best at what they do!

We asked  Closet Factory’s Senior Designer, Jana Henderson, to share one of her favorite stories with you. Enjoy!

Jana Henderson
Senior Designer Jana Henderson – Colorado

Most clients building a new home use an interior designer for architectural elements, floor planning, interior colors & materials. While they take on the “beauty” part of the design, I help the client organize the whole home and plan a place for everything.

As a designer with Closet Factory for 20 years, I thought I would share with you one of my favorite jobs.

A builder brought his client into our showroom with blueprints for their 12,000 square foot home. They were interested in doing their master closets, but after an extensive tour, the client wanted me to work on other areas in the home as well. I asked 1,000 probing questions such as  ‘Where are you planning on keeping your cleaning supplies, mops and brooms?’  ‘What about a gift-wrapping storage area?’ and ‘How are you going to utilize your guest room closets?’ This helped me to understand the client’s storage needs as well as how they wanted each space to look.  picture

I worked closely with the client for several months and we ended up designing, building & installing:  2 master closets, 3 guest bedroom closets, (one for dress-up clothes and games for her grandchildren), a pantry, a cleaning supply closet, a very large laundry room, a front coat closet, mudroom closets, an art studio, 3 areas in the house manager’s apartment and a very large craft room.  We had planned almost everything – even where we were going to store the cleaning rags – and they were thrilled with each space and the organization that it offered! When the time came to move in, the client already had a planned place for everything, making the unpacking process much easier.

pictureWith the busy lifestyles we all live these days, having an organized house (big or small!) helps us all function a bit more stress free.  Sometimes it just takes a different set of eyes to look at your space for a great storage idea or how to utilize your space better.

Call Closet Factory at (303) 690-6901. Our designers would be happy to get started on organizing your home!

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