Who hasn’t dreamed of a well organized closet where everything is all in one place and easy to find. I know I have, and in fact a new closet for my master bedroom is on my “home update” list for 2014.

At the turn of the century, homes were built with very small closets.  Through time, closets have grown to accommodate our lifestyles, clothing and basic stuff.  Or maybe our stuff has grown to fill our now-larger closets.  In either case, we have adapted and adopted our lifestyle around having larger spaces to organize our possessions.  Sometimes an entire room is transformed into a closet to solve storage needs and make an older home more livable.

There are so many exciting possibilities available, so we asked Karen Harding from The Closet Factory to share a few tips on the latest and greatest closet trends.

As a custom storage designer, I see one trend that is clear: most clients are leaning towards organized spaces that can house all of their stuff and make it possible for them to get completely ready for, and unwind from, the day. Striving for less stress and more ease in selecting what to wear is the objective.

The new luxury is to have a closet designed so that all of our clothing is accessible in one place; many find that they need less bedroom furniture and are investing instead in additional built-in custom closet functionality. In addition to hanging space and shelves, drawers house folded items- the days of having to go back and forth from bedroom to closet to get dressed is being phased out.

Closet accessories are a must, creating room to organize belts, scarves, ties, purses and shoes in the same space as our wardrobe.

In the future, you will see more homes with linen storage and a washer/dryer in the master suite.

In recent years, many homes have newly designed master closets using these strategies, providing access to clean clothes and linens right in the master suite. The future evolution of closet space is endless.  This is important for not only stress-free living, but also consideration of the real estate values in our homes. Those that can think outside the closet and bring the innovation back to the space will be better prepared to keep up with the changes, trends and demands of future generations.

Plenty of shelf, cubby and hanging space in this child’s closet expands and changes as the child grows. White melamine design has multi-colored contrasting edges, pretty flowered knobs, a built-in hamper and a slatwall for unique storage and displays.

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