Like the Color of the Year, home design trends for 2022 are influenced by what is happening in the world. This year is less about trends and more about how people want to live. It is about changing your space into a welcoming living area with a cheerful ambiance for rest, work, fitness, and entertainment.

Convenience and Function

After a year of adapting our homes to function for your kid’s school, work, and play, convenience, and ease of function are even more critical.  This trend will also influence future home design as homeowners desire flexibility and stability between private and open spaces. As well as creating an environment where they really do not have to leave home.  

exteior, pam, Buel mansion

Exterior by Designer Premier designer Pam

Softer Lines and Curves

Curves were seen everywhere at High Point Furniture Marker this year. They create a more feminine romantic feel.

Room designed by Designer Premier designer Lenore

Nature is Still Boss

Natural elements will continue to be popular as they are grounding and add stunning texture and warmth to homes. They also offer individuality, as many are handmade and feel custom and unique.

However, Home Design Trends for 2022 will see an influx of glass. From walls of mirrors to oversized glass pendants.


Spanish Peaks Modern, lenore, austin interior designer, kitchen

Room designed by Designer Premier designer Lenore

Its Cocktail Time

Homeowners desire homes that make them feel like they are on vacation. From bar carts to build-in bars, home theaters, and gyms, it’s all about the experience without leaving home.


Bar designer by Designer Premier designer Greg

Above rooms designed by Designer Premier designer Pam


The “less is more movement” has become stronger during the pandemic, as folks want to declutter and delete old and unfunctional things. The desire increases to create calming spaces with less clutter that allows us to simply breathe.

sitting area, Miami Designer, House Meraki, Elizabeth Berry, Adriele Graham, ,

Space designed by Designer Premier designers Adriele and Elizabeth

Working from Home

A large majority of the population will continue to work from home, so integrating a workspace that offers privacy and ergonomic comfort is high on the wish list.  However, all rooms have become more multiuse due to Covid. Folks are dining in the familyroom and lounging in the dining room.

Color TIP: Select colors that calm and focus the mind, like subtle blues, greens, and neutrals. You may want to consider Evergreen Fog Sw 9130 By Sherwin-Williams. Be sure to shun bright hues that are energizing as they can lead to restlessness.

We can convert a dining room, living room or create an entirely new addition to create your ideal office space.

Paint and Home Décor Color of the Year 2022 Announced – (

Office designed by Designer Premier designer Pam

Home offices to the left were designed by Designer Premier Designer Courtney, to the right by Lindsay. 

Outdoor Pass Through Window

Initially designed for wait staff to pass food to other rooms, pass-through kitchen windows continue as an exciting trend for 2022.


Scottsdale exterior , pam,
Scottsdale exterior , pam, indoor outdoor kitchen

Outdoor spaces designed by Designer Premier designer Pam

The most important step in creating the living space of your dreams is careful planning and design. By asking questions and offering solutions we can help discover what works best for you.

Give us a call – you won’t be sorry.

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