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Top 5 Colors to Make Your Interior Design Shine This Summer

The top 5 Colors to Make Your Interior Design Shine This Summer, are bright and lively, yet calming and tranquil.

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Beautiful patio designed by Designer Premier designer, Erin.

It’s summer, incorporate bright, lively colors into your surroundings!

The easiest way to brighten up both your interior and outdoor spaces is by adding some colorful pillows, changing/adding colorful area rugs, and embellishing with some fun colorful accessories.

Look at the sofa on the left.

It feels like winter – partly due to the neutral accents but also because of the warm and inviting fur rug, textured cozy pillows and a soft knitted blanket to wrap in. Perfect enviroment for Winter but not as inviting for the warm Summer months.

Now look at the photo below – it screams SUMMER

Top 5 Colors to Make Your Interior Design Shine This Summer

This room is transformed for summer by replacing the “Winter Theme” with brightly colored pillows, accessories and area rug. Fresh and Inviting.

Love the indooroutdoor trend

“The number one trend this year is a seamless transition from your home to your outdoor space using outdoor rugs, ottomans and side tables, and layered blankets and throw pillows,” said Country Living.

In my opinion, this is one of the coolest trends we are seeing in Denver and beyond.  I believe the openness allows us to feel less trapped in our homes and invites us to spend more time relaxing in the Colorado sunshine. This trend makes it easy to brighten up your indoor and outdoor spaces easily and inexpensively for summer by adding a few colorful accents.

Summer is about embracing life, bright sunny days, fields of brightly colored flowers, festive and colorful foo -foo drinks, like this Swimming Pool Drink- Vodka, rum, pineapple, coconut cream, blue curacao. Notice the colors in the drink:)

Top 5 Colors to Make Your Interior Design Shine This Summer

1 Nothing says summer like SUNSHINE. …  which makes SUNNY YELLOW a perfect summer color. It is a high a high-energy color that is cheerful and uplifting

2 TURQUOISE is my favorite color ( you probably guessed that if you have spent some time with me or exploring my website). It makes me think of blue sky and the turquoise seas of the Carribean. I love the calmness and tranquility it presents.

Top 5 Colors to Make Your Interior Design Shine This Summer

Greens and Blues always work together, as shown in this patio that welcomes you to rest and enjoy the view.

3TROPICAL PINK. … Pink is everywhere in the Summer from sunsets, horizons, flowers, and drinks.

4TANGERINEcitrus fruity shade, is associated with meanings of joy, warmth, heat, sunshine, enthusiasm, creativity, success,  health, stimulation, happiness, fun, and enjoyment. 

5 GORGEOUS GREENS. … Summer brings relaxation and a desire to be surrounded by nature and fertility, which the color green represents. 

Top 5 Colors to Make Your Interior Design Shine This Summer

Crisp White. … the color of freshness and cleanliness – is a perfect backdrop to the 5 colors of summer and white helps you to feel cooler in the summer heat.

With Summer comes the desire to add color to our indoor and outdoor spaces. 

Top 5 Colors to Make Your Interior Design Shine This Summer

Designer Premier designer, Lovedy. adds both color and interest to this back yard. with fun outdoor furniture.

Adding color to your home is fun but it can be intimidating to some. If you would like some design assistance to create your summer oasis, we are here to help. Just call.

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Meet Marina Dagenais, The Design Matchmaker

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