Get the Zen Look and Feel with Custom-Designed Kitchen

This home renovation has revitalized the center of the house. Designer Premier designer Tennille has crafted a unique custom design that incorporates an open-concept layout and ample cabinet space, resulting in a serene Zen look and feel.

Although the idea of open floor plans is not novel, many homeowners realize the advantages of eliminating conventional walls in favor of a more cohesive lifestyle. Open-concept living is becoming more popular due to its contemporary and spacious vibe, which expands the usable living area.

The kitchen showcases Stickley door cabinets made of red birch. These cabinets seamlessly blend with the natural wood shades, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Moreover, discreet refrigerator panels help to keep the bulky appliance hidden from view.

Boulder custom kitchen tennille

Custom Kitchen was designed by Designer Premier designer TennilleA custom media center, dressed-up shelves, and drawers present a unique Asian aesthetic. Together, the two rooms create a luxurious Zen look and feel and inviting space, perfect for any homeowner looking to remodel their kitchen.

Boulder custom furniture tennille, Zen Look and Feel
Custom cabinate was designed by Designer Premier designer Tennille

This fantastic home renovation blended modern luxury with elegant Asian accents in the traditional kitchen and family room. The kitchen and family room were transformed with Stickley door cabinets made of red birch and a custom media center, making the space inviting and sophisticated. The room’s design was completed with a beautiful U-shaped couch and lacquered wood coffee table, adding a touch of artistic flair to the overall aesthetic.

Family Room tennille
Family Room was designed by Designer Premier designer Tennille

The remodel highlights how investing in your home can create a comfortable and stylish living space. As Interior Designer Eliza McNabney said, “The heart of the home is worth the investment, no matter how much effort it takes.” Tennille created the perfect Zen look and feel and made the heart of the home genuinely remarkable with this custom design.

Let Designer Premier help you achieve your vision if you want to transform your living space. Tennille is just one of the many Denver Interior Design firms that Marina Dagenais represents as “The Design Matchmaker.”

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