Your Kitchen – Where Form Meets Function

Think about your kitchen, picture it in your mind and think back to all the time you have spent within that one room. Think of all the people, guests and family, that have also spent some great moments there with you as well. Denver kitchen designers put a lot of work into creating a space for your home that is both functional and stylish, matching the personality and aesthetic of your family and your house.

But how do they do it? What is the secret formula for designer functionality, especially if you’re on a budget? If you need a few tips for creating a bit of flair in your home, stay tuned! You’re about to learn from the best of the best about what it means to truly match form with function.


How A Kitchen Designer Creates The Best Kitchen For You

When it comes to interior design, it’s all about finding harmony between all of the aspects that make your home your home. To us, the kitchen is what serves as the heart of the house, the social hub for nourishment and bonding and growth. Sure, to some, it may be just a room, but it’s often one of the most heavily trafficked rooms in the whole house, and that counts for something.

There is a special process put in place by top-tier designers when it comes to creating a beautifully functional and aesthetic kitchen interior. In four phases, we can put together the right layout, look, and game plan for your kitchen design… and we help with the contracting for it, too.

The Four Phases To Kitchen Designing

Phase One: Determining The Layout

As possibly the hardest step in the process, the first thing to get completed is by deciding how you want the general layout to look. Where do the appliances go? Will you have an island, and if so, what size? Do you want overhead storage, open cabinets, shelving? There are many things to be decided here, which is why this step takes the longest time to complete.

Phase Two: Coordinating The Ideas

Once you’ve got a solid idea of how the kitchen will look mechanically, it’s time to create the dazzling aesthetic you’re aiming for. This part is all about materials, colors, patterns… you’re working with the style portion here. You want to coordinate your ideas for the decor with the way you want the kitchen to be laid out.

Phase Three: Getting A Contractor

Hiring contractors are tough, but an interior designer knows how to properly weigh the bids and choose the best one for the job. They can also monitor all of the different aspects of the creation of your kitchen, as well as confirm the quality of materials and work.

Phase Four: The Finishing Touches

Finally, things are coming together for your home! The kitchen is one room that needs a little bit more work to be finished since it’s important that this room reflects the heart of your home. Some minor layout changes may be made, a couple of differences in design options to be decided on, and rearranging the furniture.

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