Whole House Remodel: 90’s Traditional to Modern Luxury

As interior designers, we get so excited when we get to design a whole house remodel. To be trusted to transform a client’s home into their ultimate sanctuary is so rewarding. To do this well, we have to ask a lot of questions and listen between the lines to assure we hear the homeowner’s frustrations with the spaces, wishes, fears, and dreams.

Designer Premier designer, Heidi was awarded that honor on this dated home and asked to transform the aesthetic from traditional to modern. I am sure you agree, she nailed it! Most importantly, our clients were thrilled.

Whole House Remodel: 90’s Traditional to Modern Luxury


  1. Transform the aesthetic from traditional to modern
  2. Brighten the home to make it more open and welcoming
  3. Update finishes and color palette throughout


  • Work within the existing footprint
  • Keep the existing kitchen and update all appliances
  • Maintain existing hardwood floors


  • Updated finishes and fixtures in four baths & gut-renovated owner’s bath
  • Redesigned both fireplaces and built-ins
  • Stripped hardwood floors & finished with a clear-coat matte gloss to remove yellow undertones
  • Updated kitchen finishes and fixtures, and replaced cabinet doors
  • Created a neutral color palette, combining both warm and cool tones throughout
  • Layered texture and created contrast within each space
  • Highlighted the windows with custom treatments to maximize natural light
HeidiTucker Living Room Whole House Remodel
Living Room/ fireplace redesigned by Designer Premier Designer Heidi

Design goals accomplished for the Living room

  1. Redesigned and expanded fireplace
  2. Installed a modern built-in shelving unit with hidden storage
  3. Created custom window treatments to maximize the view, increase natural light and make a dramatic impact
  4. Neutral color palette with deep plum accents
  5. Warm and cozy yet functional furniture selections
Before Living Room
Before Living Room

HeidiTucker Living Dining Nook Whole House Remodel

Before Living Room kitchen bar area
Before Living Room kitchen bar area

HeidiTucker Dining Kitchen Whole House Remodel

Design goals accomplished for the kitchen/ dining area

  • Update doors, hardware, color palette, and fixtures
  • Custom window treatments to complement great room
  • Sleek, comfortable, custom dining chairs and barstools
Before kitchen
Before kitchen
Before kitchen dining
Before kitchen & dining
HeidiTucker Main Bedroom Bath I 1
Owners Bedroom Bath

HeidiTucker Main Bedroom Bath IV 1

HeidiTucker Main Bedroom Bath II 1

Design goals accomplished for the Owner Bath

  • Gut renovation
  • Maximized existing footprint & increased storage
  • Redesigned two-way fireplace
  • Replaced built-in jacuzzi tub with expanded walk-in shower and makeup vanity
  • Sophisticated finishes and fixtures, with thoughtful use of texture
  • Modern, cool-neutral color palette
  • Bright with the right amount of contrast
before owners counters 1
Before owners bath
before owners bath shower
before owners bath shower
Before kitchen tub
Before kitchen tub

It is always so rewarding to create a new fresh space for our clients.

Heidi is one of many Denver Interior Design firms that were selected by Marina Dagenais to be the experts that she represents as “The Design Matchmaker“.

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