What to Consider in Commercial Design

Interior design isn’t only reserved for creating beautiful homes and living spaces. In any commercial location you visit, from hotels to businesses to shopping malls, a lot of commercial interior design work has gone into the creation of this location.

Commercial VS Residential Design

For a beginner, understanding the distinct differences between residential and commercial design is a bit of a blurry, gray area. There is a very complex process that is involved when it comes to renovating, remodeling, or constructing from scratch. In residential spaces and commercial buildings, the process for each is quite different, and both have different goals to accomplish.

When you are considering commercial design needs, the goal isn’t to create a homely, warm place for everyday life. Instead, you want to look for functionality, space management, and styles that help customers feel comfortable enough to open their pockets. Every commercial location will have different needs, too.

Using Style To Gain Profits

When decorating your home, your primary goal is to choose things that fit you and your family. With the commercial design, you’re trying to please your target audience. For some businesses or places, this could be everyone.

First, identify your target audience, or who is most likely to be experiencing the interior of your location. Next, research into current trends or design styles that are popular within that marketable group. You can convey your findings to a design specialist, and they’ll always have information on the best style choices, as well.

If you have a small retail or restaurant business, you want to consider something that is spacious, breathable, and handles noise well, while also being trendy and stylish enough to entice customers back. Hotels and hospitals will want a more cozy, comforting style.

Interior Design Options To Consider

There are 3 main things you want to consider when you are getting a design makeover. Hitting these important categories precisely will positively impact your business for years to come.


As easy as it is to trust the same tried and true trends and styles, a little bit of individuality could go a long way. Picking a theme, color scheme, pattern, or even just a general sense of layout that isn’t like anything else around will keep people returning. Your pop of surprise will make a lasting impression, and that’s what commercial design is all about.


You want your space to be able to handle more than just one function, in most cases. Having some ability to adapt to changing needs or styles is a great thing to have. Interior design is more than just the element of a great first impression – it’s also about creating a happy space for those within it. Especially for office buildings or other places where lots of time is spent in a working capacity, you want the versatility to handle parties, meetings, or large projects.


If you’re remodeling or just changing up the inner look, it’s important to pick things that promote a more efficient way your business runs. The commercial design also takes into consideration storage and space, so finding improved solutions to problems that exist is important to get the best style for your location.

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