Meet the Bieleckis: Transform Your Home with a Kitchen Designer

A casual conversation between Jon and Annie Bielecki early in the pandemic led to the decision to do a  full kitchen remodel with a kitchen designer. With the family spending so much time in the house, the couple discussed how some of their original design decisions could have been better now that they had two growing boys and two dogs. The original L-shaped island enclosed the kitchen and cut it off from the dining; they needed more toys and dog food storage. While discussing solutions, Annie asked, “Should we remodel?” They love the neighborhood and want to stay there until the boys are grown, and they reasoned that “the sooner it is done, the longer we can enjoy it.”

After a friendly interview, the Bieleckis hired Designer Premier designers Elizabeth and Adriele to create their new kitchen.  With over 26 years of combined experience, they draw their inspiration from photographs, architecture, natural elements, and emotion to create practical but diverse designs that suit the individual needs of their clients.

Discussing all of the kitchen possibilities led to an exciting two-level remodel that included the kitchen, mudroom, powder room, and primary bathroom. Our designers met the challenge of accommodating our tall client’s ergonomic needs while creating a beautiful home that will enjoy for years to come. Another important benefit is that the remodel has increased the ROI and will bring higher resale when the time comes.

Scope of Work:

This ‘Green Valley Spunk’ remodel spanned two levels: our client’s kitchen, mudroom, powder room, and primary bathroom.

Our Goal:

The Bieleckis wanted a functional space with a vacation-like ambiance.

The Challenge:

Our clients are tall, and accommodating their ergonomic needs was crucial in designing these highly trafficked areas.

The primary bathroom was especially challenging; our client wanted an extra-large tub without sacrificing a shower. The toilet space was also quite exposed, and greater privacy was an understandable desire.

What We Did:

Our designers elevated the countertops in every renovated space, improving our tall client’s everyday experience within his home.

The kitchen design includes raised cabinets for ease of use and a complete floor-to-ceiling pantry for maximum storage. The L-shaped island was removed, which created a natural flow between the kitchen and dining area. An added benefit was that it allowed the kids to bond with family while homework and cooking were happening.

Remaining mindful of the limited space in the primary bathroom. Our Kitchen Designers elevated the countertops in every room to improve our client’s everyday experience and added a tub/shower combo that was still elegant with a glass deck door. For the toilet space, wooden slats were added to provide maximum privacy while still letting light in. Not only does this add a stylish feature wall, but it also elevates the modern look of the entire home. Homeowners everywhere can benefit from these clever design solutions!

The Bielecki family’s decision to remodel their kitchen and other areas of the house has been a gratifying experience. Our designers, Adriele and Elizabeth, took the time to listen to the family’s needs and applied clever design solutions to help make their home more functional and their lifestyles easier. Their investment in a kitchen and home remodel has paid off, bringing them a higher return on investment when the time comes. Moreover, their living space has been modernized and upgraded to accommodate their tall stature and lifestyle.

Colorado’s Best Kitchens was so impressed with this remodel that they featured the kitchen in July’s magazine. 

Conversation early in a design project can lead to a better outcome. With the help of our expert designers, the Bieleckis can now enjoy the full potential of their home for years to come. As the saying goes, “A little conversation can go a long way!” Let Designer Premier help you get the most out of your living space.

Adriele and Elizabeth are one of many Denver Interior Design firms that Marina Dagenais selected as the experts she represents as “The Design Matchmaker. “

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