Eight Creative Tips on Designing the Perfect Bedroom

Bedroom designed by Designer Premier Designer, Pam

What should you consider when designing the perfect master bedroom?  Most people want their bedroom to be a relaxing refuge. But how do you make it feel special and nurturing? Typically, nightstand disorder, mismatched sheets, and disenchanting furniture distract from complete relaxation. When designing the perfect master bedroom, these ideas will help you create the haven you crave.

Bedroom designed by Designer Premier Designer, Pam

Efficient Lighting

A master bedroom requires both functional and ambient lighting.  Lighted ceiling fans provide both light and climate control, but if you desire a little more glamour a great chandelier may be a better choice. Most designers suggest incorporating several lower wattage lights as opposed to one or two bright fixtures.

Bedroom designed by Designer Premier Designer, Pam

Novel Nightstands

Beds need an area beside them to place a book, glass, and other necessary items. But don’t go the easy route and buy the ones that go with the frame as matching nightstands are so passe.

Bedroom designed by Designer Premier Designer, Erin

Add a Special Touch With a Modern Styled Canopy Bed and Wallpaper

Homeowners often struggle with how to fill large, blank wall space, especially in the bedroom. Selecting a fun wallpaper with a canopy bed fills the vertical space in a room so that it appears more structured and layered.

Bedroom designed by Designer Premier Designer, Joe

Platform Beds

Platform Beds are still a popular choice, especially with more minimal environments. Adding one is the fasted way to update a room.

Bedroom designed by Designer Premier Designer, Jenn

Modern headboard designs can incorporate lighting, storage, a headboard and, bedside tables all in one sophisticated package.

Bedroom designed by Designer Premier Designer, Erin

Accent Wall for the Bed

Creating an accent wall can quickly add allure to your master bedroom. Consider using wallpaper, brick or wood.

Bedroom designed by Designer Premier Designer, Shawna

Create a Seating Area

Adding a seating area in your bedroom will make space feel larger, no matter its size.  Try a pair of chairs for morning coffee, or TV watching or a window seat for reading to make the bedroom more versatile.

Bedroom designed by Designer Premier Designer, Cory

How Lighting and Color Should Be used When Designing the Perfect Bedroom

How to Light Your Bedroom for Better Sleep

Perhaps, like most people, you are wondering how to light our bedrooms for better sleep?  The lighting in your bedroom, as well as the way you control natural light, contribute to your sleep success. Too much light and you will be unable to sleep, not enough, and your bedroom may feel oppressive and uninviting. For the bedroom to be a peaceful escape from the outside world, you have to use design to manage all aspects of light.  Sleep Advisor found that most of their readers don’t realize how much light impacts their rest. Even the light from their phones or laptops can keep them awake far past a reasonable hour with notable consequences. They shared a helpful guide on sleep statistics. It’s an in-depth look at the various factors that can affect sleep as well as the negative impact a lack of sleep can cause in one’s daily life.

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Bedroom designed by Designer Premier Designer, Joe

The Best Colors to Paint a Bedroom to Improve Sleep

If you are remodeling your bedroom, then you have likely contemplated the best colors to Paint a Bedroom to Improve Sleep. The color you select has an impact on the look of the space, but it also affects the way the room makes you feel. There are two primary color groups, cool and warm.

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If you need a professional touch to help you create your perfect bedroom environment, we can help! Call us today for a complimentary consultation.



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