Tips for Remodeling Your Home As You Age: Style, Comfort, and Safety

Tips on remodeling your home as you age while keeping it comfortable, safe, and stylish for your golden years.


As an aging adult, it will be beneficial for you to remodel your home before you are too old, financially unstable, or before you require the use of in-home care for seniors.

As you think of ways to remodel your home, it may be best to go room by room. There will be a lot to consider when it comes to making your home stylish, comfortable, and safe; however, it will be worth your while in the long run. Here are some tips for your senior-friendly remodel.

Remodeling Your Home


Consider Your Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most critical rooms in your home to make senior-friendly; some ways to this include:

  • Install a shower chair or a textured bench to prevent falls.
  • Install a detachable showerhead
  • Install grab bars on the outsides of the shower
  • Install grab bars on the side of the toilet
  • Add a curbless shower
  • Design a tub with an edge large enough to sit on
  • Remove any shower curtains

These new additions and installations don’t have to be an eyesore. You can make them aesthetically fitting to the interior of your bathroom remodel by choosing accordingly.

Remodeling Your Home


Pay Attention to Your Furniture

Furniture can be a hazardous part of the home for seniors. Not only can seniors trip over furniture, but they can also get their clothing stuck to it or get stuck behind it when trying to move around.

To prevent this from happening to you in the future, consider the following safety (yet stylish!) furniture tips:


  • Create an open floor plan; this creates a visually pleasing aesthetic and leaves you with a wide-open space to prevent falls
  • Get rid of throw rugs and install carpet or hardwood
  • Make sure there are no cords across the floor to trip on
  • Choose sleek furniture rather than big and bulky
  • Purchase chairs with arms that are not too deep so you can easily get out of them

Remodeling Your Home


Think About the Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the rooms in your home that you are likely to spend most of your time in, so it must be safe yet still attractive and comfortable.

Some ways to prepare your kitchen for your future include:


  • Cabinets should be designed to allow easy access with large drawers and base cabinets with roll-outs and lazy-Susans.
  • Select pull-down shelving and place the upper wall cabinetry three inches lower than conventional height when possible.
  • Place a gorgeous island in the center of the kitchen, so you have something to grab onto while you move around the kitchen.
  • Use solid surface materials for the countertops -there should be 42” between counters.
  • Invest in automatic shut-off devices for the stove and other appliances.
  • Faucets are the easiest to maneuver when they have leaver handles and pull-outs. Thermostatic or anti-scald controls are useful features.
  • Lower appliances like the microwave and raise the dishwasher and be sure that buttons are easy to read and push.
  •  Cabinets should be multiple heights (30” -36”) to allow for different tasks.

Lighting Is an Important Part of Remodeling

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of a home, especially for seniors, as lighting can prevent them from tripping and falling into a dark room. Therefore, you must think about your various lighting options as you plan you’re remodeling with style, comfort, and safety in mind.

Below are some things to consider when choosing lighting fixtures:


  • Think about utilizing smart lighting. Smart lighting is lighting that can be controlled by an app on one’s phone, which will allow you to turn lights on before getting up
  • Use clap-on lights. You will easily be able to turn on lights before getting up and looking for the switch in a dark room
  • Choose attractive lighting fixtures that attach to the ceiling, so you eliminate the hazard of tripping and falling

Be Proactive With Your Home Remodel

Whether you need your home to be senior-friendly or now or not, it will be worth your while to consider some of these tips if you are of retirement age. Or, if you have a senior in your life or living with you, you can bring these tips to life today.

No matter what, think about your future as you plan your next home or room remodel.

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Kelsey Simpson enjoys writing about things that can help others. She lives in South Jersey and is the proud companion to two German Shepherds, and spends her free time volunteering in dog shelters.

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