A Tiny house is a perfect solution for a cabin at the lake, a detached office, extra bedroom, She Shed, permanent housing, or simply for extra storage.

Since I first heard about them, I have been fascinated by Tiny Houses. I love the idea of “keeping life simple”. I also love the idea for financial reasons (if my home is less expensive I have more money to travel) and the ability to hitch it up and move along.

boulder tiny houseRocky Mountain Tiny House 

 Tiny home living does require minimizing possessions, which may be very difficult for some.

Here is a previous blog I did on The Magic of Tiding Up which is sure to help you part with things you have been hesitant to depart with but never use.

 When we moved to Denver from Saskatoon, Canada, we lived in an apartment for over 6 months and so had a considerable amount of our things in storage.  When we finally moved in and put things away, I was amazed how much I had and had not missed.

Design Your Tiny Home  Right and  You Can Still Enjoy a Big Life

Finding the right builder with creative designs that maximize the efficiency of space without feeling cramped is critical. As is designing the space so that areas are bright with natural light, cozy for cuddling, yet spacious enough for friends and food preparation.

Cabin style Tiny House

Not all Tiny Houses are Transportable. This is the perfect Cabin for me- one can dream….right?A Tiny house is a perfect solution for a cabin at the lake, a detached office, extra bedroom, She Shed, permanent housing, or simply for extra storage.


One of My Favorite Tiny Homes

 I stumbled across this company when I was researching and I instantly fell in love! This 240-square-foot residence is chock-full of amenities


The Alpha Tiny House, built and designed by New Frontier Tiny Homes, which was featured on HGTV’s “Tiny House, Big Living,” Season 3, Episode 9.


 alpha tiny house

[caption id="attachment_9194" align="alignleft" width="650"]alpha tiny house This innovative tiny house is simply beautiful and gets her looks from the wonderful contrast of material and style.  I love its modern aesthetic. As well as the beautiful natural, textured materials, clean modern lines and the large glass windows, which make space feel much larger than it really is.


alpha tiny house

These guys really know what they are doing from a designer’s eye! Although one might miss a comfy sofa for TV watching.

alpha tiny house

Love the garage door concept which provides a lot of natural light.


 Tiny houses are still a relatively new concept, so you will need to check with each areas guidelines for allowing tiny house owners to legally place their units within the county! Here is some great info https://www.newfrontiertinyhomes.com/faq


According to Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses, Tiny house pricing is the number one question they are asked. Pricing really depends on trailer length, design complexity, and finish level. Rocky Mountain’s, target price for a typical 8×16 tiny house model with average finishes is about $37,000. They have built larger, top of the line houses for $90,000. http://rockymountaintinyhouses.com/pricing/

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