The Design Process – Step by Step

Would you believe that understanding how interior design worked could be explained in five simple steps? The professionals have mastered the ability to condense the work, categorize areas of work, and complete an incredible job in only five steps. This process is used by Denver interior designers and professionals in the industry, and now it’s time to expose those secrets!

The Five-Step Secret Process To Design

We all know a lot of work goes into designing a home or commercial building. Working with an interior designer helps keep everything going smoothly, but how do they make the magic happen? With chaotic contractors, construction sites, and other outside circumstances swirling around the aesthetic part of your new location, knowing how the design process works is key for success.

Step One: The Interview

First, the designer will meet with you or your team personally. Together, you will discuss the details of what you’re wanting to see come to life. Bring reference images, mood boards, paint or pattern swatches, and anything else you feel will help the designer understand your desires.

This is also a great time to discuss budget, requirements, and any nitty-gritty details that affect the design process.

Design Process

Step Two: Concept Creation

Once the designer has all the information from you, it’s time to begin the creative process! This is one of the most fun parts for the designer because they get the chance to analyze the details and pull together something amazing.

During this part, the designer will create lists, accommodations, alternatives to suggest, diagrams, and work with the budget. A lot of communication happens between you and the designer during this step.

Step Three: Getting Feedback

Now that the designer has come up with the specific details for your interior, it’s time to meet again and go through their work. It’s extremely important to get it all right on paper first because once the concepts are implemented into the construction, it can be hard to fix later on… and expensive.

Talk with your designer and approve their concepts, and once you’re satisfied with what you see… it’s time to make it a reality!

Step Four: Implementation Begins

The next best part for an interior designer is watching it all become tangible. As construction crews begin building, your designer will be right in the middle of it, overseeing that everything goes perfectly to plan. They will start rolling out their concepts and putting everything into motion as your decisions are implemented into the build.

Step Five: Completion Details

As the project comes to a close and all the different aspects of the creation of your new living or commercial space begin to wrap up, it’s time for one last meeting with your designer. During this step, you’ll complete reviews, walkthroughs, and evaluations on the final look of your interior. Working together on details, issues, or new ideas will take up the last couple of weeks of this step, and once you’re happy… the job is done!

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