Styling and Accessorizing your Home

The exterior of our home is what leaves the first impression on others, but it’s the warmth of being indoors that leaves a lasting sensation that will be tied to you and your family for years to come. For many, interior decorating is a large part of being a happy, responsible homeowner, and the importance of style within your walls is important.

Denver residential design is a growing market, so pick up a few of these helpful tips and tricks for stylizing your interior.

Interior Design Ideas

Though you can find inspiration for your home design everywhere, these three helpful ways to bring your look together (especially when you’re on a budget!) can make the planning go a little smoother.

1. Use DIY & Thrift Stores

There is so much gold that can be tapped into just by branching out of your personal comfort zone. Vintage and rustic looking stylized options can be cheaply obtained by going to thrift stores or even just creating them yourself. Pinterest has lots of tutorials and walk-throughs for fun, easy at-home projects for designing your home.

2. Play With Everything

Don’t ever be afraid to mix textures, colors, patterns, and old and new items together. You can play with several different elements to come up with new, appealing matches and looks for a room, and create long-lasting, daring impressions just by having a pink and green theme with a zebra print rug.

3. Accessorize Your Finishing Touches

The stylizing aspect of any home is perfected only with the right accessories. Your finishing touches should include those delicate little details by a pop of color with a plant in one corner, the final piece of art on a blank wall, or a quilt thrown over a forlorn couch. This is where all your work comes together beautifully.

How To Design a Home

It’s a little bit overwhelming when you’re first getting started. These three tips can help you truly dive in and begin, and ease those beginner’s nerves.

1. Get A Professional’s Help

Design services in Denver are available to help you plan, visualize, and carry out your interior design dreams. They can take your concepts, moodboards, half-baked ideas, and hopes and bring them into a fully functional gameplan that comes into fruition quickly.

2. Use Lots of Inspiration

You never want to draw your ideas out of one thing only. Instead, conduct a deeper search, and create a dream that has lots of influences. Getting various catalogues, scouring Instagram or Pinterest or Tumblr for images and designers, and collecting all of your favorite pieces from multiple sources will help you keep your unique style intact.

3. Infuse Your Personality Into The Design

Never go with a design choice because it’s “popular”, or because your mom would love it. This is your home, the one you share with your family, so it should be all about you and them. Everyone will have plenty of advice to give, from the nosy neighbor down the street to your mom’s eternal advice that never seems to stop coming. Try to block out their noise, and focus on what you want to do.

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