Stunning Primary Bathroom Remodel: Before and After

A primary bathroom remodel had been on Mandy’s wish list for the last eight years. She wanted it to feel relaxing, spa-like, luxurious, decadent, and more functional.

She knew she wanted a few things – a soaker tub, brass hardware accents, and a lighter, not too dark overall feel. She also wanted it to have a romantic feel.

Mandy had a great design vision but knew she needed professional help. She contacted Marina, The Design Matchmaker, to pair her with her perfect interior designer.

Bleeker Bathroom Courtney 2
Primary Bathroom Before
Bleeker Bathroom Courtney 3
Primary Bathroom After

Marina matched her with several Denver bathroom designers and set up complimentary meetings. Mandy selected Courtney to help her bring her bathroom remodel to life.

Courtney started with space plans since they were reconfiguring her bathroom to accommodate a much larger shower and a freestanding tub. She also wanted to add another vanity area.

Bleeker Bathroom Courtney 3

Bleeker Bathroom Courtney 1

Primary Bathroom Remodel Design Details

Brass plumbing, light grey cabinetry, marble-like quartz, and a grey tile with simple movements were selected to create a calming spa-like feel.

Beautiful calming tile enhances the floors, walls, and wainscot around the tub to keep the bath cohesive and not too busy. Sumptuousness window treatments frame the soaker tub, creating a more luxurious feel to the space

Mandy had great tastes and selected fun light fixtures, gorgeous bath hardware,  and a stunning wallpaper for her water closet room, the cherry on top of an already showstopping bathroom!

Your bathroom is where you start and end your day. It is where you get ready for whatever the day has in store for you, whether it is work or spending the day exploring the great outdoors. It is where you unwind, wash away the day’s dirt, or soak away your aches and pains. With this much importance, you should feel like it is one of your favorite places to be. We are s glad we could make this Mandy’s favorite place!

Courtney was able to make the most of a small bathroom remodel. She worked to maximize the space, create an efficient layout, and designed a nurturing space that soothes the soul. The result was an inviting, functional, and visually appealing small bathroom that looks anything but small.

Courtney is one of many Denver Interior Design firms that were selected by Marina Dagenais to be the experts that she represents as “The Design Matchmaker“.

Bleeker Bathroom Courtney 4

Bleeker Bathroom Courtney 3

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