Should you Ditch the Dry Cleaning Bags?

Ditch the Dry Cleaning Bags

We asked the Denver Closet Factory if you should Ditch the Dry Cleaning Bags.

I am sure like me, you find it so tempting to leave your clothes on those ugly wire hangers, in those little plastic bags after a trip to the dry-cleaners. The Closet Factory says it is not such a great idea.

They said YES, and here is why!

  • Wire hangers have no place in the realm of closet organization because take away from the streamlined look of your closet
  • The plastic bags add unnecessary bulk and clutter.
  • Perhaps more importantly, your wools and silks are cleaned with potent chemicals that are not only harmful for your ingestion but can wreak havoc if allowed to sit on your clothes for extended periods of time.
  • The plastic covering should be removed to allow any lingering chemicals to disperse, as there is an anti-oxidant on the bag itself that can cause yellowing, staining, and weakening of fibers.
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