Samsung Icemaker Fix and Inconsistent Temperature

Since 2017 thousands of unsatisfied customers have complained about their Samsung French Door refrigerators with freezers on the bottom,  saying the ice makers are faulty. I also recently learned that since 2006, folks have had problems with the consistent cooling of certain models of Samsung Refrigerators.

We experienced their frustration as we inherited a Samsung refrigerator when we moved. I love the fridge itself, but the ice maker leaks water, and when it makes ice, it freezes everything into a solid form.

Like many others, we paid maintenance specialists to evaluate our refrigerator with the plan to have it fixed. I have learned that the issue with Samsung french door ice makers icing and frosting up and not working is due to a known leakage defect in the manufacturing process.

Luckily one of the service folks we spoke to shared that we could fix it, but it will only do the same thing. So we did nothing (but were fortunate to have an external icemaker- which most folks do not).

Samsung Ice Maker Frosting Up
Samsung Ice Maker Frosting Up

Samsung Icemaker Fix Found on Nextdoor

A year later, I stumbled across this post on Next Door.

“I was wondering if anyone works on Samsung refrigerators. Yes, it is the ice maker. My husband bought a new ice maker, and it still does not work. If anyone knows anything about Samsung Icemakers, please let me know.”

I was hopeful when I saw the post but not optimistic. But then, by the Love of God, came an exciting reply.

I will save you all sorts of headaches.. call them directly and they will take care of it!

“Let me solve your problem… call Samsung directly… they are aware of the problem… They are obligated to fix the Icemaker because of a lawsuit. It doesn’t matter how old your refrigerators are they will fix it and no cost to you. All you have to do is call them and let them know and set up an appointment I will save you all sorts of headaches. Call them directly, and they will take care of it.”

I immediately contacted support through Chat

You can also call. 1-800-SAMSUNG (800-726-7864).

samsung ice maker fix
Success! Even though our fridge is out of warranty and bought with the house, they will fix it for free – both service and parts. They told me they had made several modifications to the ice maker repair kit so this issue won’t happen again.

A Samsung service tech was here within a week and replaced the Icemaker and the control board, and so far, it works great. It did not cost me a cent!

The service guy told me that the ice maker was a new version, so we would no longer have ice problems. He also changed the control board, so issues with the refrigerator’s temperature control are also be corrected. He also said to turn off the energy saver.

From what I understand, any fridge built between 2012 – 2019 has a problem with the Icemaker and will be fixed for free.

To my knowledge, a recall has not been issued on the refrigerators, but I found some additional info on folks still fighting the battle and who have received refunds.

Facebook Group Fights Samsung

Many clients have joined “Samsung Refrigerator Recall” U.S.A. Now”  a Facebook group with 95,000 members. Tom O’Shea is a group moderator and got a refund for his problematic refrigerator. Oshea states that the defective design flaws go back to 2006.

Tom has made it his mission to help other people with Samsung. He created instructional videos on how folks can get refunds and deal with customer service. Click here to view his latest one

Some individuals are suing Samsung, hoping it becomes a class action suit. The lawsuit claims that Samsung refrigerators ice makers with French door dispensers and bottom freezers are defective.


Class Action Lawsuit inconsistent Samsung Refrigeration Temperature

When researching this article, I learned that Samsung is facing a class-action lawsuit filed in May 2022  by  Matthew Jordan and Lisa Saghy. The lawsuit faults Samsung for unjust enrichment, false advertising, and consumer fraud.

Mr. Jordan, a southern California man who bought a Samsung refrigerator in June 2020, observed shortly after that the temperature inside the fridge was inconsistent. So he used a thermal imaging camera and discovered that the temperature was 45 degrees at the top and only 29 degrees near the bottom, court documents state. Read more

We offer the following advice to those who own a Samsung refrigerator and are having problems with it:

Firstly, Contact the store where you purchased the refrigerator. If the store can not help you, contact the company directly at 1-800-SAMSUNG (800-726-7864). Keep calling like it is your first time. Hopefully, you will be as lucky as we were, and your efforts will end here.

If that fails:

  • Document the problem(s) and take photos.
  • Keep Work Tickets
  • Be persistent. It takes time – it is not an easy thing.
  • File with the New Jersey Better Business Bureau, as they are based there.
  • File with the Better Business Bureau in your state against the company that you bought it from.
  • Make comments on the Samsung Facebook page under live chat
  • Record phone calls- or do everything in writing
  • If you have Refrigeration Temperature issues file with – they need quantities in numbers to force a recall. (Do not mention the class action suite)
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