Pantone Color of the Year 2024: Apricot Crush

Introducing Apricot Crush: The Pantone Color of the Year 2024, chosen by two leading authorities on fashion, design, and consumer trends, WGSN and Coloro. This uplifting shade is the perfect antidote to tough times, with its healing and revitalizing properties and reference to the vitamin- and antioxidant-rich oranges and apricots. It reflects an optimistic outlook – one of the most powerful tools for managing stressful times – and emphasizes togetherness and community. As the future remains uncertain, Apricot Crush inspires us to stay connected and embrace the energy and comfort of a vibrant color.

pantone color chip 15 1153 tpx
pantone color chip 15 1153 tpx

Let Apricot Crush ignite your interior design. This vibrant color can elevate any style, from modern and contemporary to eclectic, vintage, and bohemian. Use it to bring a cheerful touch to accent walls, upholstery, accessories, and decor items. With its symbolism of new beginnings and positivity, Apricot Crush can inspire creativity and add a sense of joy to living spaces, leaving an impression lasting for years.

Apricot Crush is more than just a color trend – it symbolizes positivity and resilience in tough times. Two leading authorities in fashion, design, and consumer trends chose Apricot Crush to represent a brighter future. It reflects optimism, a powerful tool to help us stay connected and manage stressful times. It can also bring life to any interior design style, creating a look that will leave a lasting impression. So, Incorporate Apricot Crush into your decor as a reminder for you to stay connected, appreciate our lives’ vibrancy, and embrace the energy of a new and brighter future.

Apricot Crush isn’t the only color predicted to trend. WGSN and Coloro also forecast the returning popularity of Intense Rust, Midnight Plum, Sustained Grey, and Cool Matcha.

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