Paint Trends in Home Color for 2020: The New Neutrals

Trends in home color for 2020, encompass colors that are soft, muted, but not pastel. They are about creating a tranquil, peaceful environment.  This year’s research has shown that we are craving spaces that energize, and that will replenish us.

Choosing what colors make the grade for the color of the year has become a ritual. Design companies spend months studying the current culture, environment, political climate,  and technological trends to decide what role color needs to play in our lifestyle. For this reason, this year color plays a role in creating optimism, a fresh start – to be reborn with the coming of the new decade.

Paint Trends

New Neutrals: Trends in Home Color for 2020

In the past, creamy neutrals, moody jewel tones, and punchy pops of color have ruled the color scene. Furthermore, core neutrals have been white, gray, and beige — home Color Trends for 2020 show new neutrals. From rosy pinks and earthy greens to rich deep navy, these new neutrals bring modern paint color unions that merge hopefulness with understatement, a timeless way to lighten up.

Paint Trends

Paint Trends


Benjamin Moore’s Pick for Home Color for 2020: First Light

Benjamin Moore’s top pick is First Light 2102-70, a soft, rosy hue that reflects optimism. “The color reflects “a shift in mindset from the material to satisfying the core needs in life: community, comfort, security, self-expression, authenticity, and ultimately, optimism,” says Andrea Magno, Benjamin Moore, director of color marketing and development, in a news release.

Andrea Magno explained how the versatile shade could work as a neutral. “It is upbeat and optimistic, encouraging us to consider different colors as the backdrop for our spaces in a way that is both gender-neutral and appealing to all generations,” she said.

So if you are tired of white, gray, or beige, this blush hue is a fresh and modern alternative.

Paint Trends

First Light 2102-70

Benjamin Moore  2020 Paint Palette: Ten Harmonious Hues

The ten harmonious hues of the Color Trends 2020 palette, is full of soft tones, including First Light 2102-70. They are colors that have the perfect balance between warm and cold. Hence, they are colors that are between cozy and sophisticated that create an environment where you can relax and recharge your batteries.

Paint Trends

Paint Trends

Paint Trends

Sherwin-Williams Pick for Home Color for 2020: Naval

Sherwin-Williams Home Color of the Year is Naval SW 6244. It is a luxurious navy that creates a calm and grounding environment. It works as a neutral and can be subtle or the focal point, depending on the furnishings and decor.

When paired with gold accents, navel feels very Art Deco and brings navy blue into a new era. It also represents the awesome power of nature – from the limitless night sky to the shadowy depths of the sea.


Sherwin-Williams believes that the year 2020 places importance for humans to seek a connection with nature. To slow down and appreciate its beauty. Including live greenery and mineral-based materials like marble, allow us to bring the feeling of a natural sanctuary indoors.

Paint Trends

Naval SW 6244

Key Color Combinations for Naval

As mentioned earlier, Naval pairs well with Gold metallic accents and paint colors such as Tarnished Trumpet SW 9026 or Midday SW 6695, which add warmth to the navy’s boldness. Pairing Navel with shades of green and paint colors such as Kale Green SW 6460 bring in the feeling of outdoors and create a grounding, down-to-earth presence


Behr’s Paint Pick  for 2020: BACK TO NATURE

Behr’s Back to Nature (S340-4),  is nature’s neutral, it is a healing and calming green hue that pairs well with other colors both inside and outside your home. “We talk about this color as being the new neutral,” Woelfel says. “This great backdrop, satisfying our desire for peace and tranquility.”


This grounded green derives from humanity’s rising interest in self-care and wellness. Like Sherwin-Williams, they believe that there is a desire to reconnect with the outdoors. This green brings the outside indoors.

“We look at green as being nature’s favorite color,” says Erika Woelfel, vice president of color and creative services at Behr“It takes us to a place that feels effortless, like a hike in the woods or a walk on the beach, and it’s a color that signifies life and mortality. We think that at the rise of a new decade—it’s a really important color to consider.”

Paint Trends

Back to Nature (S340-4)

Key Color Combinations for BACK TO NATURE S340-4

Back to nature has enough vitality and is light enough to take it from the front door throughout the entire home.

Woelfel says it doesn’t get more versatile than Back to Nature, which can combine with shades of pink, red, or orange for a fashionable look. Furthermore, this green will give life to a small space and make it feel larger. It is also an excellent color for an accent wall, mantel, or doorway as well as a basement, attic, or laundry room.

Hence, if you have been inspired to introduce some of these color trends into your home, but wondering which paint colors will work best in which rooms, we can help.

Paint Trends

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