Enhance Your Outdoor Living Area with Weatherproof Entertainment!

The outdoors is meant to be enjoyed, especially here in Colorado. But what do you need to know about Weatherproof Entertainment?

Whether you’re entertaining friends under the pergola, witnessing your teenager’s famous cannonball poolside or catching the Bronco’s and Rockies’ game at your outdoor kitchen/bar, a well-placed TV is a great source of enjoyment. But all the sun and splashing can take a toll on the display so it’s important to use a unit specifically designed to stand up to what mother nature, and teenagers, can dole out…and we have just the thing!

Weatherproof Entertainment in TVs hit the market a few years ago. They were sealed from environmental factors and offered a brighter screen to compensate for sunny conditions but were somewhat bulky. Well, have things changed! Today’s outdoor TVs are sleek and provide optimal image quality that compensates for extreme brightness as well as low light levels. Anti-reflective and anti-glare features also add to the viewing experience. Not only do these weatherproof TVs look good, but they’re built to withstand extreme temperatures, resist moisture and seal out dust, dirt, and insects that could compromise the life of an ordinary indoor unit, not to mention voiding its warranty.

Another advantage to outdoor TVs is their durability and safety. Unlike indoor units that could pose a greater risk of electrical shock or fire hazard if used outdoors, outdoor TVs are built tough, with durable exteriors and tempered safety glass for safe, long-term enjoyment and reliability.

Weatherproof TVs are the perfect solution for covered porches, sunny patios, and onboard yachts. They don’t care about getting wet and there are attractive dust covers made specifically to keep them clean during downtime.

Other Weatherproof Entertainment tips!

To complement your weatherproof TV, choices in outdoor audio are numerous. Much like purpose-built outdoor TVs, outdoor speakers and subwoofers feature weather-resistant materials. Their cones are made of specialized materials and their electronic components are sealed from moisture, but their sound performance is uncompromised. They are designed to cover outdoor areas with even sound dispersion, some even providing full 360° coverage. And the design choices are endless with speakers created to resemble natural stones or sleek landscape spotlights as well as subterranean subwoofers that are installed underground. Outdoor-rated soundbars also offer a great audio solution for TV viewing. Many weather-resistant accessories are also available including wireless gear, seals for cable cover doors and even remote controls!

So, maximize your viewing experience and enjoyment of your outdoor living space year-round. Call Logic Integrationour favorite home automation company today for a complimentary in-home (and outdoor!) consultation. They’d love to show you your choices in outdoor living solutions.

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Friday, 20 April 2018. Posted in Smart Home Control, Home Automation

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