How to Organize Your Kids’ Rooms

Winter break is officially over and the hustle and bustle has returned faster than the melting snow. But with school days resuming, come piles of paper and projects. Combine that with sports practice, after-school clubs, bake sales, fundraisers and book drives, and you’ve got yourself a full calendar. The only antidote: organization.

Your first priority is likely your child’s schoolwork, so why not treat them to the same luxuries you enjoy yourself? In a room full of toys and trophies things can get pretty chaotic, so installing a custom work area is the perfect solution. With a built-in desk, drawers, and shelves, homework can stay organized, and your child will have a designated place to work. In drawers below the desk, create a filing system categorized by subject, which will keep your child’s backpack clutter-free. Once the school year is over, you can go through the papers and decide if there is anything (math guidelines or reading lists) that should be kept. Move those items to a separate folder and recycle the rest.

An organized home is an organized mind, and it is especially important to be cognizant of this for your children’s sake. One of the hassles that come with the back-to-school season is wardrobe. Whether you need a shopping spree for your ever-growing sprout or you are simply cycling the down coats for lighter jackets, closet organizers are key. The best way to maximize space and utility in your child’s room is with a reach-in closet. With the proper distribution of hanging sections, shelves, and drawers, getting ready for school will be a cinch. Take a look at our gallery for ideas and inspiration.

And finally, how do you address the too many kids, too little space conundrum? Your Irish twins are adorable, rambunctious, albeit completely unexpected. And, though you’re ecstatic to finally have a playmate for your oldest, the close succession has left you with less space than desired. Luckily, we here at Closet Factory are experts at creating space when there seems to be none. Murphy beds are a fun, kid-friendly, and practical solution to very little floor space. Two twin beds can fold out at night, and fold up during the waking hours for a spacious, shared, living space. You can even attach a table to the back of each to create a daytime workspace.

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