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One of the many advantages of working with an interior designer is there vast knowledge of the latest and greatest products.

Here are just a few of the exciting new options in flooring.

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The next generation of wood like porcelain. TAIGA exploits the inherent beauty of irregularity through the use of a chromatic design that evokes the warm colours of woodlands and unspoiled natural settings. The R&D invested in TAIGA separates TAIGA from other products on the market. Reminiscent of real life aged wood. This is the ideal alternative for mudrooms, bathrooms, showers, even exteriors! The unique grip texture made for outdoor surfaces is designed to blend perfectly with natural surrounding

Reminiscent of real life aged wood
More from the next generation of wood- like porcelains. Taking its inspiration from oak wood, this has a soft, velvety texture and comes in three colours, selected with high-class precision to remind us of the light atmospheres of the sea and the warm colours of uncontaminated forests, where nature’s imperfections turn into a perfect harmony of tones and shades.
Mirage Porcelain Pavers Collection of outdoor tile
These porcelain pavers are no illusion; the Mirage Porcelain Pavers Collection of outdoor tile has the luxurious look of a natural stone with the ease of care of porcelain. Mirage’s 2cm depth allows the line be set in dry sand, gravel and grass. Available in three stunning colorways — Chambrod, Pietra Piasentina and Lagos Azul — the Mirage Collection will transform any space right before your eyes!

photo_2 photo_1 NEW Instant UV Cured Floor Finishing Service. We’ve partnered with T and G Flooring to bring our clients the latest in floor finishing technology. This ceramic fortified finish is instantly cured using a UV lighting system. The finish is fully cured (i.e. fully hardened) the minute we walk off the floor. This is great news for homeowners with tight time constraints moving into a new home. General contractors who need immediate access to the wood floor will love this product. Also, commercial businesses that need to quickly resume service (e.g. restaurants) will appreciate this program. Best of all, the UV cured floor finish is 40% more durable than our next best commercial finish. You can find more information by viewing our brief Youtube video at http://youtu.be/_3doIBClh4I

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