Newest Interior Design Ideas for the New Year

We are excited to share the Newest Interior Design Ideas for the New Year, which are influenced by color.



A new year brings a desire to refresh and rejuvenate your home. However, it can also bring frustration if you have no idea on how to breath new life into your home.

This year the three companies that select the Colors of the Year that influence both home design and fashion has selected colors that are sure to add excitement to your spaces.


The color green helps slow down our heart beat.

It helps us to Breath. It pulls us away from a world tied to technology and invites us to immerse ourselves in the physical beauty of nature.


Benjamin’s Moore’s Shadow

Shadow is a very versatile color it is about passion and bravery, but it’s also silence. It can be electrified or softened.

Using SHADOW is all about PROPORTION

Poised Taupe
Sherwin William’s Poised Taupe


Poised Taupe is A Timeless Neutral that Is Modern, Classic, And A Beautiful Balance Of Warm And Cool.  

Learn how to use these colors in your home to add energy, calm, and hopefulness to your environment.

Discover how using a dark color like Shadow with white adds an unexpected airy and fresh feeling to your space.


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