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Our friends at The Closet Factory, provided a handy guide to help you organize your closets as well as the fabulous tips below.

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Top 5 Accessories That Should Be In Every Closet

Although there are many choices of accessories for a closet, there are a few that really make a difference and that we at Closet Factory believe should be included in every closet.

  1. Valet Rod– this is a retractable rod that is mounted to one of the vertical panels in a closet. It is a small rod that slides out and is great for hanging dry cleaning or an outfit for the next day. When you don’t need it, it slides back in and out of the way. This seems simple but once your clients have it, they won’t know what they ever did without it.
  2. Tie and Belt Racks– Ties and belts tend to be difficult to store; they can easily get tangled or damaged when thrown into a drawer or onto a shelf. Tie and belt racks are a series of hooks that allow clients to hang up their belts and ties, keeping them from getting creased or tangled and allowing for easy viewing of the styles and colors that they have.
  3. Slanted Shoe Shelves– One of the most important organization tips we give clients is to get their shoes up off the floor where they can get dirty and scuffed. While many of the shoe storage solutions are great, slanted shoe shelves really allow your clients to see where each pair of shoes is, even the ones stored high up. Each shelf has a toe stop, which can be made in matching melamine or in Lucite®, a clear plastic material.
  4. Drawer Dividers– Drawers tend to be the messiest areas of a closet; it’s so easy to toss items in and shut the drawer. Adding dividers is the easiest way to separate out and organize items in drawers, especially small items like socks or underwear.
  5. Jewelry Drawer Dividers– Jewelry tends to be valuable to clients, but without the proper storage, pieces can get lost or damaged. Jewelry drawer dividers allow clients to organize their jewelry and store them safely. These can also be helpful to men by allotting space in the drawer for their wallet, handkerchiefs, cuff links and loose change.

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