Morgan Hart of Hereford Imports tells all, including what rugs and carpets are making a comeback

rugs and carpets

Hereford Imports and Aztec Carpet & Rug have collaborated for nearly a decade supplying custom-made, luxury rugs and carpets to designers and clients from California to Colorado (and beyond).

Get to know the man behind the brand—Morgan Hart—and how a family business that began during the disco era has turned into a full-fledged industry leader in the ‘20s.

Favorite collection right now: Custom Oushakss.

rugs and carpets

How long have you worked with Aztec? 

Almost ten years now, how time flies!


Tell us the story of how Hereford Imports came to be. 

My dad started selling rugs in his twenties at rug fairs in South Africa. When he moved to California in ‘78, he opened his own rug showroom (Hart’s Rugs and Carpets) with established relationships with many different custom rug vendors. He started Hereford Imports as a sister company to exclusively work in custom, made-to-order rugs and wall-to-wall carpeting.

rugs and carpets

rugs and carpets

rugs and carpets

rugs and carpets

What are some examples of Hereford’s innovation since first breaking into the industry in 1978? 

For over 40+ years, Hereford has developed and cultivated relationships with exclusive mills all over the world, specializing in almost every fiber available like Tibetan Nettle, Jute, Silks, and my always favorite, wool.


What’s your favorite memory in the showroom?

I’ve had a lot, but recently it’s been having my 14-month son Saxon visiting me at work. He’s so smart and hilarious. He loves to laugh and just melts your heart. He also really loves SUPER soft fibers. I’ll make a little nook out of our New Zealand wool Moroccans and Alpaca samples, and he just lays there happy as a clam looking at his picture books!

SUPER soft fibers

What’s the craziest product you’ve ever worked on? 

A few years back, we completed a 40’ x 60’ 100-knot wool and silk rug for a massive home in Texas (of course). A gigantic loom reinforced with steel construction beams was custom-built at our mill in Nepal, and a whole army of weavers went to work for months. This was going to be a loose lay area rug and had to be made and shipped as one single piece, so everything from the weaving to the actual shipping of the rug was a monstrous task. In the end, the rug arrived safe and sound, and we had some very happy customers!


What are your family values and how do they contribute to the success of Hereford Imports? 

Being a family business, we understand that every customer and every project is important. It’s not just about the bottom line but building a relationship that will continue for years.


Where are you most excited to venture to next to source new products and inspiration? 

My wife and I would love to travel to Morocco. The architecture, colors, food, and of course, rugs!  I have contacts there, but with Covid, we are just waiting for the right time to travel without the restrictions and added safety concerns.


Tell us your future predictions for the industry of carpets and rugs? 

I think an appreciation for traditional and antique styles will make a comeback. I’ve placed the most traditional-looking rugs in the most modern of homes with wonderful results. These are color palettes and patterns that have been around for 1,000s of years. They are stunning in any design setting.



Want to learn more about Hereford Import rugs?

Aztec Custom Rug & Carpet Service, Inc.
(303) 825-1103
IDC Building 590 Quivas St., Denver, CO 80204

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